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I'm Mark Dice and I enjoy laughing at liberal lunatics, exposing celebrity scum, and debunking the fake news industrial complex. You have found the BEST CONSERVATIVE CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. If you're on the Trump Train, you'll love my channel where every day we will enjoy mocking the mainstream media and exposing the liberal agenda while we defend the Constitution and Make America Great Again! This channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 300 million views, and Mark Dice's viral videos have been mentioned on the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world. Subscribe now! Click the to turn on notifications, and I'll see you soon! New videos Monday through Friday.


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  1. This is very timely. It isn't the neocons we need to worry about right now. It is, and has been for quite a while, the Democrats.

    They claim that they are the peacemakers, and that conservatives are the warmongers, but the reality is that they are ingrained and insinuated with the industrial military complex as much or more so than any of the neocons of the past.

    This recent activity in Afghanistan was botched on purpose. The base abandoned on purpose. The arms and equipment left on purpose. People left behind on purposes. At the end of the day it will be blamed on Joe Biden, even by the Democrats, but only as they usher in new Democrat leaders to rescue us from the mess they made.

    And don't blame Joe, because he is a mindless puppet of epic proportions at this point, doing as he is told by his puppeteers who have just used him to rekindle and encourage trouble in the middle east by sabotaging the defense capability of Afghanistan and simultaneously arming our enemies, many of whom are working for and with us, as strange as it may seem.

    The Democrats and the Taliban want the same things, not locally for their people, but in the sense that they want open conflict that will rally the respective populations behind them.

    The Democrats feel that war will help the economy, and rally support for the President (No, not Joe, he is being measured for a bus tread, oh gee, I guess he was senile).

    War will be sold like it always is. We tried to do right, we tried to leave, but now, there has been aggression and there is a threat. And now we must act.

    I am for all these things, defense and strength, but not when we are the ones orchestrating the threat.

    And like Mark Dice has pointed out, we have been responsible for justifying un-necessary warfare in the past. This was especially glaring during the Obama Administration when they went regime toppling and the lies were so blatant that you literally had citizens tweeting that what was being reported real time, was not actually occurring. There was no revolt in many cases.
    They armed and encouraged insurgencies to topple what had been much more stable regimes that were not a threat to us.

    Hillary and friends created ISIS. We paid them, we armed them. And when we were done with them and wanted our missiles and weapons back, they told us to take a hike.

    And that was Benghazi. And now, you can expect more of the same, from the SAME puppeteers that ran that clown show.

    You won't hear any mean tweets, but you will see America at war again. They are paving the road to warfare now. And they had to create and bolster an enemy to fight. Live and on CNN.


  2. I'm 60 now, I remember the morning of 9/11 hearing about the second plane on the way to work. I'm so pissed I fell for Bushes false flag sending more young men to get killed & maimed just for big business. And to think I knew better even before then but still fell for the bullshit!

  3. Saddam Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction, Dice. Why does everyone forget what he did to the advancing Iranians during the Iran Iraq War? He had chemical weapons and he launched them on his own people as the Iranians were capturing Iraqi cities. He did not use all of his chemical stockpile. He obviously smuggled them over the border into Syria. These weapons were used most recently on Syrian people there in the last five years. I do believe the government does these false flags, but I do not believe Iraq was one of them.

  4. Talk about short memories, we all forget that this failed extractioned already happened when Obama blew a too quick sloppy extraction from Iraq which led to the creation of ISIS n their takeover within weeks of leaving. Biden being the VP then n also leading the failed extraction in Afganistan weeks ago!

  5. Hearst also pumped up Billy Graham, who was a forerunner of the anti-Christ who did not teach the truth of how to be saved. Acts 2:38 saves. Phil Donahue was/is a shill for the Synagogue of Satan co-op with the Mystery Babylon Catholic Jesuits. It's all about destroying true Christians. Kennedy was part of them too, but he cherished the ideals of the people of Jesus Christ so he had to be taken out, because he was going to try and bring down their secret organizations. Cheney is a devil. Gates and Fauci like to murder children. Bush Jr. and Biden are lie-ing patsies who are easily led around for evil agendas. "Poppy" Bush was a big drug pusher and another devil. Trump is a Jesuit, Pence is a Jesuit. Trump has padded the Supreme Court with "devoted" false god(s)ess worshippers. Harris is a false god(s)ess worshipping Hindu…. they're all a bunch of workers for the Synagogue of Satan and Mystery Babylon. America now loves her Hollywood immoral pushing idols instead of Jesus, the Only Acknowledged Creator/God of the Liberty Documents. We are going into captivity and loving it as we go.

  6. In the early 2000s there was a clip from Oprah's show where she had on an Isreali official talking about why we should go to war with Iraq and a black female audience member started rejecting the idea of YS intervention and Oprah started saying "Oh we're not pushing propaganda is just… You know what girl you're entitled to your opinion"… That was super shady…

  7. Mark I'm certain you watched the trial of Saddam Hussein. At that trial the teary-eyed Saddam Hussein said out loud I told the world I have nuclear weapons, to keep Iran at Bey… he also broke 19 World sanctions. Google has taken in offline but Bill Clinton left Bush a letter telling him absolutely Saddam Hussein was the biggest threat to the world. And let's not forget Saddam Hussein sent assassins to try and Kill Bill Clinton and Bush 41, Bill Clinton drop two bombs. Which did not deter Saddam Hussein's rhetoric. It was a volunteer military young men signed up for $60,000 bonuses. Living in a county with two military bases most soldiers wanted to finish after the first Gulf War started. US soldiers wanted to continue and take out Saddam

  8. This is not a liberal agenda but a corporate one. There are those in the the corporate and media realm willing to betray their families,friends and their country for a paycheque and real journalists and truth tellers are few and far between.

  9. An office fire, caused controlled demolition of some highrise buildings, kicking off 20 years of war ending in a windfall for enemy combatants, right wing conspiracy nut, right?

  10. Its too bad Republicans just do this and nothing else to change anything they just talk about it for views they dont realy care whats going on and nothing changes
    And democrats and liberals are willing to lie cheet, steal and kill and it seems to be working they have total control over the people?

  11. For a guy who makes fun of ppl's ignorance and stupidity, you used misinformation (without intent to deceive) and disinformation (with the intent to deceive) interchangeably with regards to the Spanish-American war.

    Since I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are just ignorant, I'm helping you look less uneducated to make you stronger in the future.

  12. Soooo the WMDs we sold to Iraq never existed? 
    The Kurds that were gassed in Halabja were just faking?
    The SCUDS launched at US bases and Israel at the start of the war were just cardboard?
     The Mustard Gas, as documented by WikiLeaks, was just a condiment?

  13. One of the most interesting bits in the Northwoods Project papers that was released was a list of scenarios to blame on communists in Cuba. On of the ideas was for some cuban communist revolutionaries to hijack US commercial airliners and crash them into buildings.

    So, when members high in our government said they never contemplated terrorists flying planes into buildings, I don't trust them as much. And why did bin Laden get access to those papers to come up with the idea? One of his CIA contacts? Originally, he was an asset, keeping eye on the russians in Afghanistan when he was working for the US government.

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