The Billionaire’s Banhammer – Glasses Off

Trump got banned from seemingly every major social media platform on the face of the earth and while he may have broken TOS on one of them, I’m still concerned over the implementation of what I’m calling The Billionaire’s Banhammer. Looking forward to the comments on this one.


Written by Chris Ray Gun

Hi, I'm Chris. I record myself and edit myself to make you laugh and it somehow works.


  1. The raid was partial ANTIFA and other left leaning organizations trying to make it look as if Trump supporters, not to say none raided, raided the Capitol. However the protest was more about how Biden won rather than because he won. The banning of Trump, the case of a stolen election with MANY witnesses and the lack of evidence to really show the Biden fairly won the election is what that raid was about.

  2. If people don't care about the reason given for banning litterly the presdent at that time. It was potential harm.
    If you believe he insights violence while saying that he wishes everyone to be peaceful then Chrises chanel might potentially insight violence every time he makes a joke and says he does not actually wishes ill will to anybody and every youtuber that says "Don't contact these people in any way shape or form" actually instruct the viewer to send death threats.
    Afterall criticism and objections are already hate crimes and violence in the eyes of the SJWs, whats stopping them from banning anybody for potential harm.

  3. I think trump being banned can't really be compared to a regular person being mass banded and no longer having any platform on the internet to speak. Trump was the president, he could call a press conference and speak to the media basically anytime he wanted to. It didn't really matter what social media banned him as the president he could always get a platform.

  4. This leaves out a lot, it's like half of what you need to go into to really flesh out your point isn't said.
    Also you definitely aren't middle of the road anymore, I'd say you shifted to center left.

  5. I don't claim to have any hard evidence of the election being swayed in one direction but it is dishonest to claim that there was "no evidence" of voter fraud or election interference when there is clear video of such. Who knows how much that could have actually swayed the election.

  6. During a first amendment class… I called a case we studied, a intellectual lynch mob. I got silenced by a little girl who decided I can't use the word lynch. This censorship is systemic.

  7. We have regulation that isn’t being enforced. Hell section 230 has been enforced correctly when social media companies have shown they aren’t platforms anymore and have acted as publishers but cry platform in court. Maybe a change to the wording is needed so it’s better understood or something. Hell we have monopoly laws too that aren’t being enforce either just cause huge corporations that buy out a company keep the old name. It does t make them a different company still but no one says anything

  8. I mean, I don’t hear anyone trying to make as hard of a case against lefties inciting riots with their “weaselly words” like saying cops are racist murderers. But yeah sure.. Trump definitely incited this one ?

  9. I don’t think the election was stolen. I’m mad about fraud that did happen that isn’t being investigated at all. 1 maybe 2 people have been arrested one in Texas but without actually doing some kind of work how can we expect people to trust an election system where people say it was the safety election ever and thousands of people put there reputation on the line saying fraud did happen or they were told to do this or that. Even William Barr said fraud did happen but it wouldn’t change the election. It does t matter if it would change the election or not that fraud should still be investigated and those who committed it held responsible. As we are seeing it is easy for people to distrust the system so everything has to be done to make sure that distrust doesn’t keep growing and that there is evidence that things are being done to protect our elections and peoples votes. This has always been my view even before this election and back to 2016 when democrats said trump stole the election. I said fine let’s investigate and figure it out. It just seems that hypocrisy rains supreme anymore that and rules for thee but not for us.

  10. It's karma-tic that the same Republicans who lied for the liability shields of these companies and the corporate monopolies get all butthurt when those liability shields and corporate silencing get used on them. Leftists never argued for this shit, it's stupid rightoids and dumb liberals.

  11. My boy, come to the Libertarian dark side… we have small government and greater personal freedom. beckons you

    Seriously though we may not always see eye to eye but I’m never gonna thrash you for your opinion brother. And anyone who does that ain’t worth your time man. I respect the fact that you have the guts to talk about such a delicate issue that will inevitably lose you some viewers. But it’s the right thing to do isn’t it?

    Cheers man.

  12. "If I was fine about everything I made jokes about I would be one of the most deplorable supervillians the world has ever seen."

  13. I'm still waiting for Facebook to be purged from the internet like Parler after irrefutable evidence showed that Facebook was primarily used to organize the Capital riots event.

  14. We can only hope this sets a GOOD precedent of only mass banning on SEVERE HEINOUS actions, and PRAY it doesn't set a bad precedent of mass banning on ANY controversial actions.

  15. For real. I don't feel sympathy for Trump, but the general move itself is more than simply problematic.

    We shouldn't cheer or turn a blind eye to issues just cause the person that was hit is someone we don't like. Because if we do, it gives more power to the powerful.