The BIRD 3 – Meeting 20 March 2021

This is a recording of the BIRD (British Ivermectin Recommendation Development) group, held via Zoom on the 20th march 2021

Written by E-BMC Ltd


  1. I'm a physician in the USA and I give Ivermectin to my COVID 19 patients. I spread the data to my colleagues. However, most of them are scared to give it because it is NOT in the national guidelines. IVM is widely available in the US and the pharmacies don't ask questions.

  2. Dr.Lawrie, I think your proposed trial has very small N (low power). I suggest to increase the subjects to more than 120 especially when you take in account the possible number of subjects who will drop out of the study.

  3. Your work is not in vain. A French "mainstream" media outlet published for the first time an open-minded and unbiased article about Ivermectin. Everything you do brings us closer to the tipping point, the time when the blindness of the media and public health institutions will disappear and we will only be focused on production and logistics issues. Please help us keep hope that more sick people will soon be treated.

  4. Ivermectin has a 1 in 70 trillion chance of not working so it makes one wonder why our elected leaders are not interested.

    Early treatment 79% 16 studies Authors 152 Patients 1684
    Late treatment 52% 19 studies Authors 145 Patients 6785
    Prophylaxis 89% 11 studies Authors 74 Patients 7011
    Mortality 75% 17 studies Authors 152 Patients 7267
    RCT's only 70% 24 studies Authors 215 Patients 3414
    All studies 72% 46 studies Authors 371 Patients 15480

  5. God help us. Its seems the govt want their infirmed and elderly to die. IVM is so safe it could be used just to make ppl think your helping.
    Doctors need to stand together.
    I'm in USA I finally got a script but took horse paste for months. (Prophylaxis) Ppl are dying from ignorance and government malice

  6. Around 1:00:00 one of participant mentions that IVM has been authorized and "massively applied" in Czechia and Slovakia. Well, not really. Here in Czechia we got a single shipment 5000 packages with 30x3mg for hospitals, 5000 packages with 10x3mg for outpatients, and there's no plan to buy more. Tens of hospitals maybe have used it so far. Authorization for outpatients is week old, and most doctors are hesitant as it's only after patient consent and still on their own risk. And various medicine expert groups are advising against. And we have thousands of new cases daily, so this cannot possibly make visible difference.
    I'm not so informed in detail about Slovakia, it seems to be better, but what I hear is they also have limited shipments and people who want it have difficulties getting their particular doctor prescribe, and then find a pharmacy that has it.
    Bottomline: if you see how bad the situation in CZ and SK is right now, and doesn't start dramatically improving, it's not because IVM would be failing… there's just not nearly enough usage.

  7. How much longer can the ?? continue to turn a blind eye to this evidence knowing full well families are losing loved ones! I have sent emails and tweets to my mp from Tess Lawrie and Pieere Kory and have yet to hear anymore than an automated response! I feel so frustrated and helpless! I will happily stand outside my local hospital and distribute leaflets regarding the effectiveness of ivermectin and the moral obligations doctors have to prescribe it under the Helsinki Act. That you Tess and your team for continuing with this cause since it came to your attention at the end of last year. You are positively changing the course of our future and because of you my grandchildren are going to grow up in a better world ? ? ❤

  8. In Portugal we prescribe and is manipulet like in capsules, 6MG ; with prescripcion that I send to Pharmacy and pay and they send me, to give to my patients. Here in Portugal Hovione is a Factory only can export because the Infarmed, forbide to sell in this country, corruption, is the word, the Health Minister, the Infarmed that is the CDC like here , ordered and paid 36M Euros for Remdesivir, a drug that is experimental and without studys, or with bad experience of the use, and is still used in UCI patients, the Medical Organization assists to this with mutism. So, There is evidence in Portugal a large number of Collegues, IMedicine, JPs and others saver many lifes, only one TV Station, CMTV cable TV with great audiences, is the only that made several news in prime time, about this problem. Remdesivir is the problem, and the authrorization of the use of this drug. Corruption is the term, and the EU Comission give the authorization to buy for all the Union, this is scandall and corruption, EMA knowsof course, this is motive foor u Investigation, when there is no threatment in the initiall phases, so, it is : or you resist to the Covid ou you go to ICU, or you die! JP

  9. One major problem is that people with symptoms are instructed to not contact their GP but to contact NHS direct who then instruct them to self-isolate at home, take paracetamol and book and take a PCR test. Then only if the symptoms get bad e.g. difficulty breathing etc to go to hospital. The GP's are cut out of the loop. This is the policy. IVM + Zn + Vit D + Vit C etc must be administered immediately symptoms are experience to have the greatest effect, giving fast relief and resolution in some case in less than a week. As to Doctors being in fear of prescribing, Ivermectin is harmless, i.e. it does no harm, yet ultimately, reduces suffering, illness with fast recovery thus reduced period of infection and transmission thus saving many lives as the research clearly shows. Find as many doctors as possible to uphold Code 37, supply them direct with IVM, have them be informed of anyone reporting in their area symptoms to NHS immediately, so the doctor can then offer IVM etc. Record, and include outcomes/formulate common criteria so all the information can be used in a review trail. The more doctors the better.

  10. Dr Lawrie and members. Why not develop an informercial (TV, radio, google, etc…) much like what pharmaceutical companies do to get the public to cajole their doctors into prescribing the latest new drug? It's the public that has the power to shift this but they need to be made aware so they can then put pressure on the doctors and the regulators.

  11. Perhaps part of the problem is that if IVM is proved to be a treatment, the vaccine emergency authorisation thus becomes untenable. Hence all the resistance and such BS statements by Merck.

  12. Parabéns por esta reunião. Espero que esse grupo permaneça para além da pandemia. Precisamos de pessoas honestas em todos os setores para mudar a força da indústria farmacêutica, das pesquisas científicas, dos crivos duvidosos das pessoas que escolhem as publicações nos jornais e revistas médicas. Sabemos que as instituições estão corrompidas, mas dessa vez o levante será grande e acredito que também seja sem precedentes. Que a categoria da saúde, e não apenas médicos, possam compor este corpo. Já está na hora de mudarmos certas diretrizes que limitam os demais terapeutas da saúde que não podem se autogerirem – utilizando o conhecimento que também possuem para salvar suas próprias vidas. Se faz necessário escutar todas as vozes e incluir as terapias complementares como coadjuvante desta luta. Fico honrada e grata pela participação de todos vcs e especialmente representada pela Dra Lucy Kerr que tem sido uma voz lúcida em nosso país. Gratidão por esta partilha de conhecimento e por salvarem tantas vidas, arriscando a de vcs. Desejo que este grupo se fortalece cada dia mais.