The Bizarre Alternate Reality of Biden Voters


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  1. We are in a classic psyop situation where the MSM is up to it's old tricks of just repeating a lie over and over until the uninformed accept it as truth. Mission accomplished. The other factor off course is that "man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still".

  2. Got to say I love the fact that you use rational arguments. I've studied history and political philosophy since I was a kid and what kills me about the left is their lack of self awareness and perspective. Trump is a nationalist coming from the center right, people in blm are (black) nationalists coming from the far left same as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc but Trump is the Nazi according to them.

  3. I am biased for Trump. I supported him when my first choice Benjamin Carson dropped out of the primary race. However I have always criticized him when it was warranted. At the time when he bombed Syria I disavowed his actions. Sadly the dems set the bar so low for Trump to succeeded whenever he flies over the bar many people think hes the next Aurelius.

  4. Biden and Harris did not come down on young black men like a ton of bricks for minor drug offenses. TRUE. Now try to get any Leftist to acknowledge this in spite of their names all over bills, convictions and speeches. Cognitive dissonance goes both ways with these loons.

  5. "Trump wanted to execute the Central Park 5!"
    I've heard this over and over and it didn't happen. Sometimes the "journalists" even quote the newspaper ads saying that murderers should be executed not rapists, but they still make the same claim.

  6. This fine people meme was predicted by Yuri Bezmenov in 1982 where he said you could show hard brainwashed commies absolute proof communism doesn’t work and they would deny it. Same thing here. They want to believe Trump called Nazis fine people and showing them he didn’t has no affect. I think the same about Mormons where there is absolute proof Joseph Smith was a fraud yet they still believe he was a prophet and the religion he started. Then again Jehovah’s Witnesses the same. Over the last 100 years they have contradicted themselves and prophecies of end if the world have not come true many times yet people still believe them. It’s an irrational psychological trait you can’t defeat with logic. As Bezmenov said it’s only after the revolution when they are being lined up against the wall to be shot that they will suddenly see the light. Just a little too late.

  7. I said it was a nothing burger which it has turned out to be. 10K covid only deaths over 9 months when 7700 people die every day from all caused isn't enough to budge the needle IMO. Throw in the worse number of 200K deaths spread out over 9 months and the needle wouldn't even quiver. Lets call covid what it is a nothing burger. Trump 2020

    Trump needs to take a half tsp of baking soda in water each day and he will be protected from covid. Once he crushes the corrupt Joe Basement Boy Biden during the election he can get back to rebuilding the nation after the destruction caused by Obama, Biden and Clinton.

  8. Just got a survey from Audubon Society. Silly me , thinking it might be about birds and wildlife. It started with Climate Change , went through SJW stuff and ended with racial issues and support for BLM. No even one question like, go figure, do you like birds? Maybe the future is my Northeast Kingdom farm will succeed from Vermont and the United States and sell my produce to China since they will be highest bidder. Time to tar and feather lifetime politicians.

  9. Covid is a hoax though. You have a very small chance of dying from Covid if you are under 50, and most of the 2.6 percent of people over 50 who are dying are dying from other factors….. "with covid". This is nothing more than a political smoke screen. Unrest is on the rise, so they have to do something to redirect your focus. A pandemic…. great idea!

  10. Hitler actually was missing his right testicle. An artillery shell in World War One took out almost his entire platoon, tore his leg apart and vaporized his RIGHT testicle.

    There’s medical documents from his field hospital and stay in a walking dead hospital. He also was attacked with mustard gas, and inhaled some before getting the gas mask on, damaging his brain, heart, and lungs.

  11. Or how about the Left trying to claim…"but the protests are 97% peaceful.."
    The Left are mentally deranged. Their toxic ideology demands insanity.

  12. ALL the left has is hatred and lies. Such evil vile creatures. Especially contemptible is the media who proclaim to present their lies as the truth.

  13. can anybody hear cats howling whining in this Edge of Wonder video ? it's giving me such a bad headache! Sid ' it's called the New York Twang. new yorkers find it difficult to put a sentence together Sid . O ok