The Black Bloc Party: or How the Cops got Demonetized

Following the events of May 25, 2020, protests have erupted around the world. In the ensuing chaos, people have been injured or worse, Seattle got an autonomous zone, and the US has, generally, been on fire. But what’s behind the psychology of the oft destructive protesters? .
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Written by Aydin Paladin


  1. It's interesting and important to understand crowd psychology like this. Personally, I think the actual protests were justified, just not the riots. It wasn't JUST about Floyd, he was just the tipping point. My understanding is that most protests were peaceful, and a few of the violent ones were even instigated by the cops (there's tons of videos of this). But once you get into rioting and looting, you're clearly in the wrong. At that point adrenaline takes over and you lose the ability to tell the difference between a racist statue and a blatantly anti-racist one, which is just embarrassing.

    Also, "Defund" does not necessarily mean "completely abolish". Maybe the police are a bit over funded at the expense of other public services which, potentially, could have helped prevent these problems before they started.

  2. Studying "criminal behavior" scientifically is always a bit shit, given how crime is necessarily arbitrarily determined by a given system. This video has a whole lot of false equivalencies resulting from this problem. Interpreting statistics about underage drinking to make a point about rioting, for instance, is a really sloppy comparison, as these are radically different behaviors with different consequences/effects and social contexts, only compared by virtue of both falling under the category of "illegal".

  3. I think just as there are a myriad of reasons for a person to be religious (tradition, security, community, belief, comfort etc to name a few) , or atheist (non-conforming, critical, freedom loving, anger towards old religion etc, to name a few), or go to school (an experience, connecting, learning, status, wealth, etc to name a few), there are probably many different types of people rioting. Even if they as a group do similar things, just as those in the previously mentioned groups also do similar things due to the different pressures of group conformity, the instigating reason for initially participating within the group may differ. Furthermore, if the reasons differ then just as there are splinters within the previously mentioned groups to form their own clicks, and go their own separate ways, it may be interesting to look into that as well. Finally, I get the feeling that there isn't too many reasons for people to do such things – just as virtue signaling can be viewed under similar lens to the ash conformity experiments, it may be the same few reasons driving these behaviors and instead of a singular reason, it may be that motivating forces add weight until a tipping point so that's my thoughts. :c

    I miss psych classes… But taking psych classes also made me realize that most humans aren't people and ought not be considered moral, ethical, or rational persons.

  4. Huh… couldn't help but notice that your usual view count is down on your last two videos. Only 30,000 vs the usual which is at least 3x that.


    Also curious, I have your channel set to alert on new uploads, and my bell didn't ring. I had to actually go looking for this.


    Im havin' a big think.


    (Edit: Oh it's a nuanced dissertation based on statisti…. I mean….um… "HaTeFaCtS". My mistake.)

  5. Aydiiiiinnnn, whyyyyyy. I love these documentaries but George's death was not strictly illegal. He was in the state of excited delirium and the instructions for police officers (which the policeman who "knelt" on the neck was a 20 year veteran) specifically require them to keep subject on site before medics can arrive. That definitionally requires restraining them, and a neck restraint is the most suitable (supposedly, according to these instructions) for the purpose. Policeman did nothing wrong.

  6. I have read that George Floyd was high on a drug cocktail, that was also responsible for his suffocation and that the kneehold alone isn't enough to kill a person. It's still excessive force, but if it's true that Floyd was already suffocating in the police car and started to riot inside it, I don't think he is the perfect martyr people make him out to be.

    Of course this is based only if the drugs he took really hindered his breathing.

  7. Now, with the police body cam released and toxicology reports… the murder will probably not stick. The justification for the riots will be yanked right out from under the feet of the rioters, I wonder how people will feel then? Probably double down, right? The justice system let them off but it was pretty obvious from the video… I can just imagine what comes next. Good thing about being a prison experiment in Australia is there are no riots. I don’t know if it’s good sense or just a lack of momentum even though the race baiters love to gin up trouble where they can.

  8. I propose Raz should be tried for treason, for having seceded from and levying war against the United States.
    Forgive me if I’m behind the times, and he has already been brought to justice.
    Another great video!!