The Black Lines Of Corruption | Ep. 1077

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Biden’s DOJ redacts most of the affidavit justifying the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the White House calls Republicans “fascist,” and Eminem finds Jesus.

00:00 – DOJ Releases Affidavit for Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant; Redacts Almost Everything
03:19 – My Favorite Comment
05:18 – New York Times Editorial Board Calls for Trump Indictment
07:56 – FBI Responds to Zuckerberg
10:39 – Biden’s Definition of “Mainstream Republicans”
13:40 – Karine Jean-Pierre on the Definition of Fascism
19:54 – GOP Still Dominating Generic Congressional Ballot
21:51 – Eminem raps about Jesus
25:56 – Father James Martin
31:56 – Dad of Trans Model: I Have No Say in “Her” Life
35:43 – Little Boy Dances on Stripper Pole at Charlotte Pride Event
40:41 – Drew Barrymore Accused of Racism for Frolicking in the Rain
44:01 – National Parks are Racist
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Written by Michael Knowles


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  1. You got to remember garland said he was wanting to release the search warrant affidavit so that the public can see the proof trump is guilty. Then they release a redacted affidavit and sat see the evidence is right here in the redacted portions!

  2. You know it’s going to be a serious episode when Knowles doesn’t make himself crack up even a little during the introduction. (Though to be fair, the topics today can’t really be taken with much humor…)

  3. I remember marching as a kid marching to "Your a Grand Old Flag" , I think at a school and it is most unifying not as the libs use there progressive flag that excludes Christianity and Christians but Actually unifying!- there is healing in that

  4. Deep question for Michael, though any of the contributors of TDW can respond to this:

    If the mainstream culture is no longer god-fearing, do not recognize traditional Catholic or Christian values, or practice religious methods that America was founded on, why is Sunday a sacred day of the week that all federal services/branches/offices are required to close? If they want us commonfolk working more, wouldn't they stay open more often?

  5. That black woman is insane. Every person who knows what it is to wait for rain, week after week, and when rain finally comes it's such a relief, such a joy , and yes many people of whatever color, Caucasian as well, love to feel the refreshing drops.

  6. Michael, I think your past prediction about conservatism becoming the future “taboo” trend is dead on. Exposing bodies, sexually out in the open line at these parades is not attractive or fun. It’s scary. It’s depressing. Give me a wholesome family, where the parents are lovingly tending to one another and sharing their faith with their sweet, polite kiddos! How wonderful will it be when the tables turn?

  7. I will say it again & again, VOTING WON'T STOP WASHINGTON.

    As long as those who absolutely know Americans will not hold them accountable for their actions.

    Will walk away smiling to the bank because they are untouchable a long time ago a certain politician once said " what are they ( Americans ) gonna do ,vote me out ?"

    He knew he actually wouldn't be held accountable.
    As we all know that to be true, vote em out and move along ya sheep.
    Greed controls our government folks !

    We with no doubt know the justice department is bought and paid for as well. Yet will you Americans do anything about it , other then vote, (hilarious)

    Nope you will fall for yet more primary lies, ya will not vet the candidates in any real way. You will allow them to continue in the usual ways.

    Americans you have been broken, domesticated, led to tyranny without a fight.
    Enjoy your nation , you will let it happen over again as per the usual. Because all of you Americans have absolutely no backbone to stand up against it all.

  8. The rights that the left thinks the rights are attacking are disgusting. They think they have a right to kill babies. They have a belief that it is healthcare. Pure disgusting. Then they think we are attacking voting rights. But allowing illegal votes is voter suppression not restricting illegal vote like the republicans are doing. Again pure disgusting

  9. Lol Catholicism is dying man get used to it. We have things called science and the internet. You have to be stupid or willfully ignorant to believe anything about the Bible, Jesus, or whatever other mythical creature

  10. Please look at the album Donda by Kanye. Its amazing and spreads great messages especially about grief and how god and praying is the most helpful during. Especially the song 24 it is truly a masterpiece

  11. Off topic of this video: Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and the WEF are involved in some very terrifying things. Go watch James Lindsay's video "The Dark Truth About Social Emotional Learning"–SEL is a program implemented in all public schools in all 50 states in the US. They are data-mining your children via the school system for the purpose of mind / personality control in the future. And it can be used to take children from their parents.

  12. The sign language is such a virtue signal. Why would you devote so much screen space to something that is useful but not necessary for a tiny minority of people. I have heard that deaf people prefer signing to captions, but obviously captions are perfectly adequate and signing is only a small improvement and only for a small number of people

  13. Peter Ducey is to the current administration what Jim Acosta only dreamed of being to the Trump administration. Jim always tried to make himself out as the heroic journalist destroying an empire of lies with truth; Peter proves the real foolishness behind an actual empire of lies with common sense questions.

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