The #BlackLivesMatter UK Protests Were Violent

Despite what the #BBC and #SkyNews would have you believe, the #BlackLivesMatter protests in London over the past two days have indeed been violent, with 27 police seriously hurt and many statues damaged or defaced.

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  1. It is madness. Just madness. A thug dies 7000 km away. This issue has and is persecuted by justice. These kids cannot accept ambivalence in their own culture and history. It has to stop. Stop the shitty narratives of MSM.

  2. Victor Davis Hansen brilliance par excellence- 3 things that caused all this:

    1- globalism has routed out the heartlands of western countries
    2- terrible education system (with indoctrination)
    3- enormous percentages of the population who were not born in and do not share the values of these countries

    4- white guilt
    5 -a criminally negligent media

  3. These snowflakes have zero morels, zero understanding of history, zero idea on how to go forward, this is all they can do, spit the dummy and act like fascistic hooligans and yobs that tear down statues of soldiers who've died to give these little shits freedom!

  4. Will they start pulling down Roman, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Egyptian and more nations statues? They also practised slavery and Briton has artefacts from these places present.

  5. Funny how our MSM can't seem to find and share any of this footage. Wonder why. Oh that's right, it doesn't fit their narrative. What a contrast to the following week. Media scum.

  6. "It seems like we got policing right." seems like an odd thing to say in a video showing plenty of examples of the exact opposite.

  7. The youtuber CGP Grey, did a great video on 'Rules for rulers'. in one section he quotes."The notion of the people storming the palace and overthrowing the king, is mostly a fantasy. The people only storm the palace when the army LETS them, because you (the king) have lost control over your keys to power, and are being replaced.The 'people' didn't overthrow the king. the 'Court' overthrew the king, and used the peoples protest They. Let. Happen. in order to do so."This is exactly whats happening here. The Political left have power, over media and business, and are using the people to overthrow the duly elected government. That's why the police and media are doing nothing to stop it.

  8. Thank you for calling it what it is an iconoclastic movement, tried explaining this to my friends. Some understood, some were still learning to swallow their spit.

    Trying to explain to them white chattel, the white slave trade, and the slavery exhibited in U.K. cotton mills and tanneries, is difficult. They don’t realise industrial Britain was built by children who were beaten, buggered and starved, heck even their piss was sold so the master can make some extra coin.

    They do not know their own history.

  9. Soros funds the lot ANTIFA/BLACK LIVES MATTER/GRETA T-BERG/RIOTING LOOTING DEFUND THE POLICE in USA and other Countries all funded and controlled by Soros Rothschild and Saud see the pattern wake up to the deep state that wants you all divided,well done it’s working bbc and cnn are connected to all this bs deep state too by the way ?zzzzzzzzzz wake up people

  10. If Leon Bernedo were here to continue on this filthy planet and saw these scum of people he would fucking take his M1 Garand and would gladly riddle them in the name of Uncle Sam and the king

  11. I'm sure these are the same people who turn around and say ''WE MUST LEARN FROM OUR PAST!'' Meanwhile they're deleting the history of the past out of blind rage… Yea you know who also did that? The crusaaaaadeeeeerrrs? You know… at some point you become the very thing you try to destroy when you're doing these sorts of things. and well… We've arrived at that point. We arrived quite a while ago actaully.

  12. I thought that the UK police did have some problems with arresting people for political opinions or things they posted online? Although maybe you don't classify that as a police problem, or has that gone away?

  13. I wonder who had the best fight, the left or the right, difficult to tell really,I must say I enjoyed the right showing pride in their nation by fighting with the police, wonderful example of drunken anarchy, great stereotypical behaviour great fun.

  14. Other examples of not-at-all-misrepresentative spin:
    The Great War: Mostly peaceful gathering of men standing around in fields for years on end.
    9/11: 3 buildings collapse in largely structurally stable New York city-scape.