The Bombshell Adams Report

Today, Adams has officially released his independent 71-page independent ADAMS REPORT into ASIC’s handling of reports of misconduct.

This is something we have been building towards in the past few shows and now it is official.

Adams burned the midnight oil last weekend finalising the report. On Monday, Adams sent the embargoed copy of the report to 20 mainstream media organisations with the original source documents and an excel spreadsheet with all of the calculations utilised in the ADAMS REPORT.

Adams wanted to give the mainstream media 3 full days in which they could read the Adams report and verify the data, the calculations, the analysis and the claims. In much of what IOTP does relative to the mainstream media, we do the heavy lifting and back-up of analysis with original scholarship and insight.

In the past 24 hours, Adams has sent his report and official letters to over 30 Federal Parliamentarians including all the members of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services as well as Senate Economics References Committee.

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  1. John is passionate about the world into which his children will go being a better one. As a parent myself, I applaud him in that. He deserves our fullest support and respect for the tirelessness with which he puts all he has on the line for his country and the futures of not only his, but everyone's children. We love you, John. God bless ya. x 🙏♥🦘

  2. Congrats John, glad someone is exposing our governing bodies and exposing how government can sit on their hands and do nothing. God forbid they will have to work now 😶 keep up the good work guys!!

  3. We are paying good taxpayers' money for a bunch of self-interested pen pushers who have likely been bought off. Profound respect and gratitude to John for coming up with a 600 page document while still having his work and his family to take care of. An awesome effort.

  4. It's not a stretch to suggest John Adams has single handedly inspired a revolutionary change in this country. You Sir, are a hero. Thank you so much for the effort you have gone to, for justice and freedom for all.

  5. Good on you John, I reported a real estate agent that I worked for (to ASIC) who was and probably still running an illegal agency and they did nothing. This guy was taking money for rents and didn't have any current signed management agreements with the landlords, actually he had one because it was a new listing. He wouldn't pay contractors for the work they did on the homes, or was extremely late paying. Was caught taking money from the rental trust many years ago and was never allowed to run a real estate again, but here he was working under someone else's licence and the Licencee of the agency was never in the office, there were so many breaches of the Property Stock and Business Act. he was a law unto himself.

  6. Brilliant John! I love the idea that we can't trust corporate Australia and Government to do their jobs in good faith and competently so we have to donate to a private not-for profit citizen to get positive outcomes for our country. Consider my donation for your selfless work helping ASIC a humble token of my appreciation.

  7. Thanks Mr Adams for your tireless efforts in championing this cause! …. It would appear that the so-called 'regulatory authorities' will gravitate toward the lowly role of a protection racket if not, themselves, kept in check!

  8. Well done John. A meticulous and well researched investigation into the machinations ( lack of ) of ASIC.
    Now if you wouldn’t mind applying the same dogged research into our federal government over all, we may be able to change the entire system for one that caters to the real needs of the people of Australia.

  9. I was a subcontractor in the heavy transport industry and couldn’t get paid by a contractor who I found out was not registered or carried any industry insurances. Asic told me there’s nothing they could do to help me. I lost 7 grand!

  10. Thank you John. Might effort. Unfortunately I wish you were using all of that time and energy on what I see as greater needs for the Australian people right now. However I understand that we can all only work in our area of expertise. I so wish someone with your knowledge and capability would call attention to the Remuneration Tribunal Act because that is, in my opinion, the greatest threat to the Australian population going forward. It is the castle that separates us "common people" from the politicians, judges and others. Because of that Act, it does not matter what happens to Aussies, the people protected by that Act are financially safe. It is their castle and why they can now get away with so much corruption like the shots, digital ID, CBDC, the list goes on.

  11. The elephant in the room is the systemic corruption all through the government/bureaucracy/corp environment. Hate to say it but feel that this will go no-where. Maybe a couple of little guys will be thrown under the bus.

  12. As an ex criminal investigator I can say that the financial part of investigations was the easiest part! Catching the suspects involved in physical crimes was much more intensive involving hundreds of hours of surveillance. With the appropriate powers, “Following the Money” was generally a lot simpler. ASIC have huge powers but they are captured by the interests of the banks, government corruption and big corporations!

  13. American here. It sounds like ASIC is like our SEC. Many Americans, including some of our politicians, are very unhappy with the SEC. It appears conflict of interest and maybe even corruption are rampant. SEC is not looking out for the every day citizen like they should be.
    Great work John!

  14. Ask yourself why the IMF gave the Australian Treasury 594b in covid relief over 4 years for use only in a “emergency”

    Also ask yourself why the department of health purchased 110 million Pfizer doses on the first batch for a population of 26 million Australian citizens, if the “jab” was 99% safe and effective.

  15. Great Work, I am in the financial service industry and it clear to me that ASIC wants easy wins and does not fight or investigate. They also do not want to take on the big players.

  16. Salute Adam>>>You are a Champion!!!
    My dream is that similar through investigation would be done on the poison jab campaign…hopefully there would be a brave individual with good reputation who would take this on.

  17. It would be nice if you would tell us what this is all about. What country does it pertain to? Could you please summarize it so that we know what it is all about? It seems like a big deal.

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