The Booster Passport

The goalpost keeps moving as Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, announces Booster Passports.

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  1. Control, control, a little control, little more control, and then all of the Control. Obey Your Master! DO as I say or you will be cut off from society, fired from your job/career(lol), banned from eating out in public, going to pay your bills in public, shop for groceries in public, then you will be banned to your homes forever, or in a "Safe Facility" far from everyone so that you don't "Infect" the rest of the "Obedient Sheep", oops I meant Good Civilians. Baaah!

  2. Let see if this freak is still so open when the tides turn and he sits in court or in front of a bunch of angry people he created. Let them taste their own medicine.

  3. Shots now booster shots for a "virus" that has at 97.8% SURIVIVAL rate. No. It is so funny that all these libs that hated Trump are now taking his shot with joyful glee.

  4. Remember when everyone loved these politicians? I just can’t wrap my head around how the some of the people who liked these politicians a year ago resent them now

  5. So the whole Nationalized Healthcare thing failed to really take off in the United States, leaving these companies without guaranteed incomes. So the obvious next step was to create a federally mandated drug between 4 of the largest drug companies for everyone in the world in perpetuity.

    My work, and many others are currently busy firing people for not having the current jab. I've got it, but I'm not really fond of this thing being a perpetual thing for life, and I'm really wondering what happened to HIPAA laws and personal rights over my body?

    This is all starting to look like biblical "revelationy" type stuff. You even have people preaching on national stages that "God" wants you to get these jabs…

    I'm the last person for conspiracies, but anyone else getting a really strong Armageddon vibe to all this?

  6. It won't be vaccine passport your children will showing in the second half of the century it'll be a general government compliance passport. Obedience to the state will determine their quality of life.

  7. this sucks man, im facing losing my job, no income, cant afford to live… where do you draw the line for existing anymore? they're trying so hard to exclude those that want control over their bodies. how long until the vaccinated are forced into camps? I bet that sounds like a conspiracy but look how quick things happen, it could be a dark reality within a year for all we know.