The British Government Admits the COVID 19 Deaths are Inflated

The UK Government is scrapping it’s daily #coronavirus death tally after it was revealed by scientists at Oxford University that the tally is being inflated by people who tested positive for #COVID19 but died from some other cause. However, the #lockdown is now an ethical issue, so we must explore that, too.

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  1. The CDC in the US has stated only 6% of deaths have been solely due to Covid. The other 94% already had critically serious health issues or were elderly. The fatality rate is falling because Covid has already killed most of the people vulnerable to it.

  2. BTW Medical staff don't wear masks to protect themselves they wear them to protect the patients. Average size of a virus, around 3 nanometers. Size of holes in masks, at least 9 nanometers.

  3. This information has been out there for some time. Basically, someone who is killed by a falling piano is a coronavirus death if that person has tested positive for the virus at any point in the past. I think there's a four-week post-virus limit in Scotland, but more or less same story. Right now in Scotland there are three people in intensive care with coronavirus – less than 1 in 1.8 million people – so I have to ask, Why the fuck are we increasingly being told to wear masks? Why is the BBC telling us that 85,000 people will die this winter from Covid 19? It is bollocks.

  4. The root of the problem is that the COVID virus, like many, many, many other pathogens, doesn't kill humans straight. They colonize our bodies, our bodies are complex, fragile systems and the body dies because the system is disrupted. If we're aware of pre-existing conditions (nobody's truly 100 % healthy, it's just that we don't investigate everyone thoroughly and our best testing methods are never perfect either), it may be that the person just died of COVID anyway, it may be that they died of their pre-existing conditions despite the COVID, or as is most likely, both the pre-existing conditions AND the COVID played a part in overwhelming the body's capacity to withstand the disruption. It's very often literally impossible to say if the person died of COVID, of the pre-existing conditions, or if the person only died because of the combination.

    It's impossible to say exactly who died of what in a very significant amount of these cases, so pointing out that the statistics have flaws means nothing, if you can't point out and back up with clear data, which direction it is skewed and how far.

    That said, there are of course cases where you can clearly tell a person carrying COVID didn't die of it, like in the car crash example. (Unless if being afflicted by COVID affected the person's ability to maneuver in traffic, say, but we all get the point.) Again, pointing that out is meaningless if you can't show that it skews the results significantly. It may not, or if it does, there may be other flaws in the method that skew it the other way.

    While this data can always be collected and defined better, obviously every political actor is going to take this kind of uncertainty and claim that the real data points or would point to them being more correct. The use of these statistics is in giving general direction to our political decision makers, who it seems can't handle the uncertainty and make things up instead. Also, when we can show that whatever the data collection method was, if it's the same in another area or in another time, we can compare the results and learn something that way, even if our hard numbers have obvious uncertainty behind them.

  5. The British Government can not report accurately on Climate, it can not report accurately on Covid, it can not report accurately on immigration, it can not report correctly on crime, it can not report correctly on many issues. We need a new government, a smaller one, with less tax and less invasive policies.

  6. Justified shooting .
    So sad.
    Media needs to report more responsibly so this stops happening.
    Black folks!!? – do like rest of us and follow instructions when stopped by cops and then you WON'T get shot.

  7. It was a planned lie from our leaders and globally we need to start to ask why. Look what is happening downunder with our cousins we can't let thus shit continue.

  8. The Irish government admitted that their numbers are incorrect and are DOUBLE the real death rate, yet the fake numbers still appear on the Covid website and the MSM keep pushing the fake inflated death numbers. They literally admitted that the numbers are inflated BUT still keep using the old numbers!!!!!!

  9. If the true believers can pretend that those damn face nappies are effective (WHEN IT CLEARLY SAYS ON THE @&*#ING PACKET THEY ARE NOT MEDICALLY FIT OR INTENDED FOR THAT USE), then I don't see any reason why they can't pretend that I am wearing one if it really makes them feel any better. The only reason I wear a mask in public is just to avoid the social hassle and having some jobsworth or Karen reporting me and potentially getting fined.

  10. The Government know the figures are over inflated. It was the Government who changed the ruling on writing up of cause of death – to always be from Covid-19; Tested, or not. Bent Government !.

  11. They want to get rid off the death count because it proves that the increase in cases is dodgy. This is because death numbers and hospitalizations remain stable

  12. So the world economy has been brought to its knees because of fear of a virus that authorities don't know how lethal it is.
    Governments peddling fear and lies! Not to mention fascist control. Look at Victoria in Australia!

  13. The China Wuhan Flu, exaggerated, WHAT!!!!!! do you mean we have been lied to, that never happens because we know how totally honest our elected politicians are.
    This is a message for the scared sheep.

    The wearing of a muzzle is totally illogical and here's why.

    The muzzle is worn to protect others from you but you have been under house arrest for months and the incubation period is 7 to 14 days and you did not get sick with the China Wuhan Virus if it exists at all.

    By wearing muzzle you are stating that you are going to infect others if you do not wear one so that makes you not only infected but infectious, how did that happen when you have been in prison?

    Also, doctors have said that the muzzles are ineffective in this situation and the order is only to make people feel safe not keep them safe.

    I say come and get me as I will not be muzzled by the state or anyone.

    We ALL need to dump the muzzles they do not work.

  14. The figures are inflated because they can justify the draconian measures. The number of Positive tests in my local borough, over the last 6+ months, equates to 0.7%. 99.3% have been unaffected apart from job losses, mental health issues, businesses gone bust, cost of implementing distancing measures, reduced footfall in shops, restaurants, cafes etc. At first they said they are following the science, but they are not following the science anymore.