The Brittney Griner Trade

Tim Dillon explains the deal with Brittney and Russia that we should make.
From episode 309:
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  1. I wanna see some hard in the paint Anti American isms when she gets out. I want opposite of Tim. She's already annoying and I want to see her take it to the next level. That's what I'm in it for at this point.

  2. Didn't she turn her back on the U.S? Now she cries for the US to go rescue her for doing what the US allows her to do as part of her freedom yet gets arrested in Russia.

  3. Agreed 100%. First off, I wouldn’t have been stupid to break any law in a foreign country but if I was in the same predicament and the US got me back, I would be the most patriotic person

  4. I just want her to admit that having to “supplement” a 250k income is a bullshit excuse. She was greedy, and was willing to risk going to a sketchy foreign country to make a clean million

  5. Russia can to keep that traitor. She's no hero. It's only bc she's black and this shit admin. has ordered wokeness into everything they do. Just like anti-American Rapinoe was given the Medal of Freedom… what a joke.

  6. Why did the US arrest Victor anyway? The US has many weapons dealers as well. What right do we have to arrest another country's citizen in arms dealing when we have our own doing the same thing?

  7. Why is she pushing any drugs as an athlete in the first place? Weird that she doesn't care about the effects of any drugs on the body as a supposed elite addition to being an exhausting traitor to the US. She doesn't make enough $ but pushed drugs for profit

  8. Imagine all the resources & people used to catch that arms dealer…. Only to have it mean nothing because we need to trade him for a america hating sports player making more money than your avg American who broke the law in another county. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. I feel bad for her, i dont wish russian prison time on anyone lmfao but i agree w tim 1000000% you better sing that National Anthem before games with your motherfuckin chest

  10. It's going to be really funny when this deal goes through and Trump uses it in campaign ads 2024 and it tips the election in his favor.

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