The Budget ignores the poor

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So why didn’t we increase the tax-free threshold?


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  1. Supply side inflation. More like BS inflation. Is there a supply problem in the coffee market? Coffee has done a 100% up in a year. But gold is supressed right?? No, gold isn't supressed and no there isn't a shortage of coffee all of a sudden and there are still empty dwellings out there. It's bullshit inflation.

  2. I'm getting real sick of the media manufacturing outrage about these tax cuts. They need to move on, there are more important issues to focus on over the next few years and most of the electorate don't care.

  3. The poor have always done well. Free government house, free welfare, free alimony recipients, free child support, all income tax exempt.
    The middle class are the ones that get screwed, 47% income tax rate.
    The rich people who own companies pay a maximum 30% income tax.

  4. We have become too used to a life of abundance on easy credit, time to rein it in a bit. My boomer friends scoff and remind me of the orange for Christmas

  5. Its still a country for fair go. Heaps of people coming from the old world without English and making a SUCCESSFUL life for themselves.

    Perhaps pull finger out and do some hardwork?

  6. People on less than 45k are net receivers of tax, and the majority of public services are subsidised by high income earners. This simple fact is not publicised enough because it goes against the more accepted narrative “rich are evil and they got rich by exploring the poor”

  7. Government only going to get bigger from here folks
    Australia is actually very very low for Government spending to GDP
    Australia is where Europe was 10 years ago. The idiot sheep will continue to vote for Free shit while the Productive will continue to be Taxed Taxed & Taxed some more

  8. People want lower tax but they also vote for anything that gives themselves subsidies. Libertarian is the best really, most people once I explain it to them start to agree that we should have more of it.

  9. Inflation and cost of living won't go down while power prices keep going up. The best way to help the poor is to use the coal and gas beneath our feet to generate affordable energy. This would stimulate a huge economic boom and bring prices down for everyone. Forget net zero, it's a fool's errand. China and India aren't doing it which should tell you everything.

  10. The carbon tax is the most regressive tax there is.

    And carbon offsets stink just the same as panama carbon accounting.

    Its even worse than the GST or consumptive tax….

    It is the ultimate consumptive tax…

    With no exemptions for fresh food etc…..

    All on some spurious science that does not stack up.

    Damming fresh water rivers has done more to increase atmospheric CO2 than the burning of fossil fuels.

    All that weathered mineralised fresh water entering the oceans used to be able to suck up even massive volcano eruptions…

    Now with all that silt clutched in dams the oceans cannot neurralise CO2.

  11. Circular money makes poor quality GDP.

    The services economy is a lie, just like pumped hydro is green.

    The only economic realisom is resources and added value to those resources in the form of refining or manufacture.

    The rest is just an unstable ponzi scheme, like the union industry super funds taking 43 billion in fees.

  12. The tax free threshold for business…..

    Does GST apply to income earned before the 75K threshold?

    GST is payable on the amounts over $75,000. You can not charge more the then 10% of GST on invoices to make up for GST you failed to charge previously. Links.

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