The Bungie Lawsuit Is INSANE!!

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Bungie is suing the pants off of this guy who submitted 96 false copyright takedowns in their name. This lawsuit is crazy! the depths this guy went to…

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Bungie Lawsuit (I forgot to link it lmao):

Introduction – 0:00
Copyright & Music on YouTube – 2:39
Where the Story Begins – 5:10
Reading/Discussing The Lawsuit – 6:05
The 96 Takedowns – 14:08
Bungie Hones in on a Suspect – 19:27

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  1. Yall are making fun of Minor, but im pretty sure he was actively choosing to Martyr himself to try and get youtube to finally go "oh fuck, our system is so extremely easy to abuse that this fiasco happened because of it, maybe we should fucking fix it"

    NGL, ive considered doing this, i never would because I'm to much of a coward and dont want to risk the repercussions. But this might be the wakeup call needed to finally get this fucked system fixed.

  2. The thing is Bungie has to prove what DMC did or who ever, directly caused a loss and what that amount was which I don't he caused. All the major content makers such as Lucky continued to upload videos and stream the game without interruption.

    I'm not for this prick or saying what he did is right but, I just don't see a judge rewarding that much. That numberof 7mil is just to scare him

  3. It is positively mind boggling that YouTube is so incompetent that they would allow this to happen.

    They have the power to destroy people's livelihoods and yet, they're not even smart enough to ask for credentials or have a rudimentary process to determine if the claim is false or frivolous.

    What a shining example of corporate incompetence.

    That aside, it's good to see you're back, dude.

  4. Bungie likely wouldn't have gotten involved if copyright abuser never went after their own channel's content; overall, is crazy shenanigans, should've quit game.

    EDIT : (Good Video)

  5. So one small yt channel was uploading the OST of destiny 2 and normally that channel's monetization would stop for those videos due to the automated copyright flags… but his channel got removed? WHY?

  6. Imagine being so ignorant about basic computer security that you leave not one, but multiple trails of evidence linking the illegal activity to your personal information.

  7. Legally speaking Nazo did nothing wrong by providing audio files that bungie had released to the public for free.
    It is imperative to keep in mind that Bungie has granted use of their IP at no charge and unless Nazo had been monetizing their property Bungie made defacto illegal claims against him.

  8. I chuckled like the Joker realizing how devious this human being. absolutely maddening, what a complete brat.
    Though if it wasn't for the situation then there probably wouldn't be any movement to get this type of an issue fixed properly, it's either something like this will Start happening more frequently or youtube Starts pull up their pants, grab themselves by the bootstraps, And fix the darn issue. because when it comes to issues like these on YouTube, the handlers of the software seem to not have the ability to be consistent or have responsibility even if they go to the gym and do a proper workout.

  9. I HATE the ads but I feel bad watching the vid without watching it…. Also lame how the ad gets my comment most the time instead of the content.


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