The Campaign To Dehumanise Australians

Jeffrey A. Tucker believes the ruling class encouraged a campaign to dehumanise non-compliers in Australia and other western nations. ‘They’re selfish’.

He also believes that Australia has a ‘funny way’ of making the most egregious government overreach full of levity.

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  1. Australians are kinda like the natural underclass of the Anglosphere, always have been since it's inception and it shows in our ruling Elite, well why the hell would I have any loyalty to them then?

  2. What covid and the Governments' response to it did was it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt just how subverted by China our ruling elite became, lockdowns, internal border closures, passports, these things are not Australia. We are not China.

  3. Just the other day — a mask wearing idiot friend of mine –
    – asked me if I'd be happy for a surgeon to operate on me without a mask ?
    To which I answered – I think I'd be asking the surgeon – 'Why I wasn't under anesthetic ?' —— Well that shut him up. yougotthis

  4. Selfish,has many meanings, when put into a sentence.
    Now I'm selfish because I lived like without fear during the whole lockdown year's, also no mask,aswel as joy of walking in the park and going shopping in my suburban plaza, every day of this propaganda campaign.
    I wasn't arrested but I was bullied many times, but I had no fear.
    So I went walking, this is fact not fantasy.

  5. You had a superhero cosplayed as a guest who rambled on about needing to see herself on screen via an imaginary character…dc comics in 2020 published ads in their comic books using their characters -batman stays in the batcave staying apart keeps us together and that sort of thing

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