The Canadian Establishment Is Now Woke… And After Dr.Jordan Peterson!

Dr. Jordan Peterson is under attack from the College of Psychologists of Ontario. He now may lose his license to practice for refusing Social Media re-education. ‘For criticizing our prime minister and his cronies… I have now been convicted by the College of Psychologists of ‘harming’ people in some manner serious enough to justify my forced re-education,” Peterson has said.

We are joined today by Howard Levitt, an Employment Lawyer – who has represented Dr. Peterson – to discuss this issue with Stephen LeDrew for Three Minutes.

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  1. No doubt, Trudeau is behind these academics going after Peterson. Not unlike Biden's administration pressured and rewarded big tech to censor ideological opponents. That's the real threat.

  2. Dr. Peterson needs to sue these people who want to silence him for every last cent they have. I for one am sick and tired of the “ woke “ left. Sue them and then sue them again, and again until they retreat into their rat holes.

  3. Slowly but surely our rights are being eroded. Free speech and free thought are becoming the dogma of only one side of the conversation; anything else is anti-social. mis- dis-information. Truth now has a new definition. In Canada over 90% of the news we get is subsidized by the government with the understanding that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. We have been disarmed. We are going broke feeding the government's hunger for our money which it gives away. We have seen lockdowns not based in science. We have seen arbitrary curfews. We still have useless travel restrictions. Our needs have become secondary to the needs of other countries, and we pay for it. Our banks and credit cards are now used as weapons against us by the government. The government has stated that it wants monitoring of our purchases and transactions. The government wants laws to control what is said on the Internet. We now have legislated speech laws. Our courts and law enforcement have become tools of enforcing the government's will and views. Our federal government is becoming a cross between Cuba and China.

    Over the past seven years Canada has become something other than what Canada once was. We are now a joke internationally, as is our PM. Freedom is restricted, opinion is restricted. We are not so slowly becoming a dictatorship. There is no longer "liberal" in the Liberal party. And yet the press called Stephen Harper a dictatorial Conservative PM.


  5. This is turdeau's doing. He set Jordan Peterson up with his manipulated institutions! Now we have a Canadian hero like Maxine Bernier standing up for him along with many fellow Canadians who stand up for free speech. Why doesn't turdeau come out to talk to the people and apologize to Dr Peterson for this? I tell you why. Because the turd is nothing but a coward! This attitude of his is the same as when the trucker's protest was going on. And forcing Dr Peterson to re-educate in this insane and crazy manner is the same thing as unleashing the law enforcement on the people as it happened during the trucker's protest in Ottawa! I'm not even sure if youcraptube will allow this comment to be put up. But if Not, I'll just make another account to post it!

  6. If the board goes through with this decision to punish Dr Peterson, it might severely affect their reputation. People seeing this will probably reconsider going into psychology as a medical profession. With low memberships and hatred towards the board, I can only see things getting worse for them. What goes on here today will NOT be forgotten by the people of Canada. Not only this. The general population will be weary of psychologists too. That's unfortunate as there are good psychologists out there. But no matter how mentally ill people can be, in the end, people can always tell who are woke agenda pushers!

  7. Jordan Peterson has been the only interesting canadian in the last 10 years that has gained public notoriety. I don't all ways agree with his takes or opinions but no denying he has been the most popular canadian in years.

  8. This quasi self-regulatory professional bodies do have government legislative oversight. I hope the Ford government looks at this and decides to slap these arrogant stuffed shirts down a notch. Tell them that they have overstepped their mandate and legislate to make it crystal clear where the limits are. I won't hold my breath.

  9. Telling the truth about our state isn't going to be understood…the narcissistic Justin Trudeau won't accept it ….narcissistic behavior doesn't allow it …he believes in himself to be the answer a God gifted personality that only him can solve and repairs…infuriating truly ….and professor Peterson made the mistake to care and show us all what empathy is …at great cost for him and his family…my advice is simple face adversity sir like only you can ….they will be sorry and simply let Ontario have it and move back to your roots where you will be appreciated and have more opportunity to actually work towards your initial objectives….shame on that Ontario psychology class to revoke ur license….it's a bit deeper that we know and professor Peterson knows exactly where it comes from …. I wouldn't pretent to know bur I can add and see blinders are off and I pray hope and can't wait for this to come back on their faces !my money is on your intelligence to overcome this pathetic attempt from the left to destroy your and anyone alike to demand changes …God bless professor Peterson bless Canada go hard then come home

  10. Trudeau an all his ministers also Singh of ndp must be remove investigated also trudeau foundation account azap…handcuffs them all . An they can answer in court whitout liberal judge ..

  11. China is doing the same. Anyone who protested for Hong Kong independence in 2019/20 is now being "re-educated" to admire China. We are now just like China which likely makes blackface a happy tyrant.

  12. There is some precedent for people being punished by their college for having said things online that make people uncomfortable. Like sexist comments that make someone wonder whether a doctor could give proper care to a woman. There's some room for that argument.

    However, looking at Dr. Peterson's comments/tweets, I don't see it; I don't see how it brings disrepute on the profession or affects his ability to practice. I don't find every comment Dr. Peterson makes to be a gem, or technically correct, or that insightful mostly because the length of a tweet leaves little room for nuance or explanation, but that's different from his right to make such comments.

    I think it's political. It could be members of the profession who don't share Dr. Peterson's views or are jealous of his success are trying to make trouble for him.

  13. This is a witch hunt, from the Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth' that consists of the liberal-minded ideologues of Dr. Peterson's supposed professional regulatory collage. They are accusing Dr. Peterson of 'wrong-think', seeking to take away his professional competence, as an experience and accomplished Psychologist.

    George Orwell was right.

    Thanks Stephen.

  14. Sounds like the Lib. play doctor's of all types, before it was science & physician now it's psychology. Wow who would have thought Turdo with his white coats had so many titles.

  15. Some of Jordan Peterson's comments are detrimental to the mental health of humans. He brings disrepute to the College Of Psychologists. His huge ego has helped him create a fan base of followers influenced by his hyperbolic comments but it's all latched onto a US culture war that's bled into other countries.

  16. By now, I think Trudeau has done this spin on Jordan Peterson to divert the news from what he is planning to do at Davos. This is just spin now. With Christia Freeland, and the WHO amendments.

  17. We all know where this in the end lies. When things don't make sense follow the money . Then there is the thought of being made an example of to others that can't defend themselves . Keep them in line to group thought or they will be punished

  18. There are still many lawyers and business men in the Lieberal party. I for one am sick of the elite,and the "educated" deciding how I should live while bankrupting me as I and others like me, do the heavy lifting in society. FTrudeau and his NDP supporters.

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