The catastrophe of these linguistic games (from Livestream #133)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #133 (originally streamed live on July 06, 2022):

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Jordan Peterson on being kicked off twitter:

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  1. You are absolutely right about the linguistic games.

    With a small nod to that, I don't know if you guys have read this book, but I thoroughly recommend 'The Madness of Crowds' by D.Murray.

  2. This one's 4 All the marbles people. All of them. So, best get it straight. Becsuse the cognitive dissonance is layered like a Russian nesting doll. Just wait until 'They turn off your chip' thank U Aaron Russo, or low & behold just rewrite your DNA, U know: Re•Program Y'all. Don't mind the 'updates' if U play ball thst is; Oh, nevermind Nuremburg, that Never happened. Focus on the bouncing ball; History isn't repeating; What history? There U go, now drink the Kool Aid. Truth sets free. No wonder it's a 'Crime'…

  3. There is no such thing as “dead-naming” a living human being. We need to call out their language. It all starts with language. Instead of getting defensive when they accuse us of “deadnaming” or “misgendering” we should reply with the factual truth of what we ARE doing and in these two examples it would be that we are “live-naming” and “biologically sexing”.

  4. Jordan Peterson responding to Twitter feels like it could be Jean Luc Picard sticking to his guns under duress: ‘There…. Are…Four…Lights.’ (I’ll never forget that scene. Later learned it was (possibly) a nod to George Orwell’s 1984.)

  5. The convention for trans people changing their names should be the same as anyone changing their names (for example, after marriage or divorce). You refer to someone by their current name, even if you are talking about something that happened when they were called something else. It would be weird to say "Roseanne Arnold was in Backfield in Motion"; you would say "Roseanne Barr was in Backfield in Motion", although you might mention "She was credited as Roseanne Arnold because that was her name at the time." I agree, for example, with IMDb's decision to link to "Elliot Page" for every movie that he was in (because that's how databases work… it links to a record of a person, not a name, and that record has the person's current name, which is Elliot). What's completely crazy is that IMDb won't even say (As Ellen Page) in brackets to clarify that he was listed as Ellen Page in the credits of that movie, because they are so terrified of "dead-naming".

  6. Bruce Gender or whatever probably got tentacular cancer due to performance enhancing drugs like other "performers" of his era. For most of us those records should be expunged from the record books anyway so deadman the dude that lied about why he had to be castrated.

  7. Mark Zuckerbergs FACEBOOK had some CNN/lemon supporters chanting 'All Conservatives should be
    rounded up and put in concentration camps and tortured'!!.. (a set up) I answered the horrible disgusting
    vulgar filth remarks and FACEBOOK instantly REVOKED my account… This is the level these tyrant serpents are going to.

  8. Yet the good doctor who talked and talked about histrical totalitarianism shrunk like a violet when he should have spoken up about the cov mandates and lockdowns. HOWEVER I do love the guy for all he has done besides.

  9. "Deadname" is itself a made-up term the only purpose of which is for the Left to have a linguistic weapon to wield against those who would question a made-up condition in a made-up debate conducted dishonestly in a Leftist quest for power.

  10. I like Jordan Petersen. He and his daughter have had a profoundly positive effect on my life. I do however have some issues with his recent Twitter experience.
    He was suspended for violating the rules of that platform. His violating tweet contained elements that could be interpreted as harassment of an individual, a group of people and also contained factually incorrect information. He has recently lashed out at the overwhelming trend of affirming gender care for young people in he western countries in a recent article he wrote. In his tweet, he specifically decided the target who he considers the current poster child for the trans industry. In targeting this individual, he then states factually incorrect information namely “breasts removed by a criminal physician” . Perhaps he should look at some photographs of cancer patients to see what that actually looks like. The individual he is targeting had a chest reconstruction surgery which aligns with their personal preference. Nothing was removed, only reduced. Secondly the criminal physician reference. Any physician performing any surgery of this nature will do do with the fully informed consent of the patient. The only way it could be criminal is if there was force or coercion. Perhaps he is implying that performing such a surgery is criminal regardless of the circumstances . That is his opinion and he is entitled to it.
    More recently after his suspension he has been vocal about how lame Twitter is. Well if it’s so lame., Then why has he been using it all this time? It’s like me raving about my new fantastic Porsche but then suddenly shunning it because I crashed it driving recklessly. Twitter is lame. That’s why I’m not on it. I will be when Elon gets his act together.
    I think he is genuinely concerned about the ability of this individuals ability to influence other young people
    with their recent physical changes. The real problem in the world right now Mr Petersen is that people, especially the youth are being taught what to think, if we focus our energy on teaching people how to think, exposure to an actors latest shirtless pool pictures will have little to no effect.

  11. Just don't explain yourself. In fact I believe now to free ourselves we just have to laugh at the people who have facetious intent to ask for it to be explained. We do not have to explain it to anyone. Their understanding is not in our control people only hear what they want to hear.

  12. Hm never thought about this — the comparison between multiple personalities and gender identities. It's interesting that yoga has the idea that even the singular, born-and-raised Identity we attach to the body and call a self is delusory. You can change your mind, but changing physical gender characteristics is a form of mutilation. No matter how you slice it.


  13. If it was a ship you refer to the days when the MV Whatever, sailed to the Azores. Now if the ship is under new ownership with new name no one uses the old name. You people need to chill before you hurt yourself

  14. People thought that Orwell was talking about the Soviet Union. He was talking about what could happen in the UK. And he saw the United States are part of an empire that included Great Britain. And now, newspapers are sending historical facts down Orwell's memory hole. Bruce Jenner is a man. Bruce Jenner under a new name is still a man. There is no dead-naming. Only psychologically damaged people believe there is. Never let yourself use their words without making a point that they are nonsense.

  15. So glad Jordan Peterson is schooling me on FREE SPEECH AND COMPELLED SPEECH. I have lived most of my life oblivious to the importance of free speech – and would often GO ALONG TO GET ALONG. NO MORE!!!! He has (is) teaching me why it is important to stand up, helping me understand WHY I need to stand up AND giving me the courage to do so. I can see why OUR DEAR LEADER HERE IN CANADA 🇨🇦 is very anxious to silence Canadians. Especially great ones like JORDAN PETERSON!!!!!

  16. One of the things in Orwell's 1984 that really struck me was when Winston ended up speaking to a very high level government official (head of the Ministry of Truth I think?? .. it's been quite a while) and this person explained that the whole end purpose of eventually replacing English with Newspeak was that by changing and removing words that the range of possible thought and opinion would be diminished to that which is only within acceptable boundaries. This was because people would not be able to formulate thoughts at variance with what was allowed since the applicable words and concepts no longer existed. Please pardon the clumsiness of my explanation but the concept seems poignant at this moment in time.

  17. 'The Powers That Be' are many things, stupid isn't one of them. As evil as our controllers are, they're equally as impressive. This whole 'LBGTQABCDEFG' thing is impressive psychology. It's not meant to make sense, it's meant to be ridiculous. 'The Powers That Be' are masters at psychology and vibrational resonance. They don't care what you're mad at, hate, or fear. As long as you're in a state of anger, hate and/or fear.

  18. Dr. Peterson knows how to deal with narcissism (obviously). Telling a narcissist NO enrages them to no end. The more that this situation is discussed (critical thinking applied) shames them on top of that.

    Twitter is a digitization of narcissism (FaceBook too). It's an enabler, built around a flimsy business model. In some sense maybe this is a pincer attack with Musk coming from one direction and Peterson from another. Time will tell..

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