The CCP’s draconian surveillance methods. This will go around the ? #Uniteforfreedom

The CCP’s draconian surveillance methods.

Written by BasedWelshman


  1. This is a simple & clear explanation of what many of us have been trying to tell those that just don't get what their compliance means.

  2. Easy to facially track a billion mask wearers, lol no fear just live your life the way you see fit and deal with it. Not all bad in China just like North Korea! Atleast they take responsibility

  3. A saying (admittedly said in a different context) attributed to a former US president goes something like "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

  4. This is how stupid they are complying to technology what an awful country all them cameras and if we are careful we will have the same more cameras stupidity compliance

  5. You might want to look into who helped the Chinese with their "Cultural Revolution".
    Or go back as far as who funded the British occupation of China and the Opium Wars.
    Globalist Bankers who we cannot name here.
    THEY are behind all of this.
    Name the cause not the symptom.

  6. I reckon Based Welshman's 'social credit score' would be pretty low which means he wouldn't be able to access bog roll which would have the effect of alienating him from his friendship circle on account of a shitty arse.

  7. Hyper inflated autonomy no care being taken to ask if it’s what we the people might like or not like involved just corporate control used to usher in a new age exciting times but never believed I’d see this in my lifetime ????❤️❤️

  8. I expect a large amount of flak from my comment but I must ask if technology such as this should not be employed against organised crime in the UK. Especially child, women, slave trafficking, and rape gangs ?.

  9. needs to be a social credit system about the government available to the public, so we can control there lives, the way they are trying to control us