The CEO of Cyber Ninjas doubled down on his findings that the ballot count on record.


The CEO of Cyber Ninjas doubled down on his findings that the ballot count on record – in Maricopa County – does not match the physical count of the ballots.

Here Doug Logan says that the Maricopa County duplicate ballots do not have corresponding original ballots with the same serial numbers.

Duplicate ballots are created when the original ballot is damaged and cant be run through the system.

This process is also known as “Adjudication”.

According to the former Secretary of State and current Audit Director Ken Bennett, each duplicate ballot must have a 6 digit serial number printed on it that matches a 6 digit serial number printed on the original damaged ballot that it corresponds to.

However, Bennett said they can’t find the original ballots that match up to the duplicated ballots.

“We have batch after batch of duplicate ballots with IDs but there is no corresponding original ballot with an ID,” explained Bennett.


  1. At the least, the senate should rule that the county is not fit to run elections and any future elections should be run with strict senate oversite.

  2. The cyber ninjas have taken the ballots to a compound in Montana…. They're not going to return any of the ballots or provide any data that proves anything…. They've stolen ballots and are committing fraud…. They were given over 2million ballots…. How many do they still have???? They know they're screwed….. They're going to hold up in that compound and go full Waco/Ruby ridge….. They're forcing the siege…. They're trying to manufacture optics that paint themselves as martyrs that were attacked by the "deepstate" because they are heroes that worked to expose "corruption"….. To this end they will absolutely frag their own and blame it on law enforcement…. Create a fire that destroys evidence…. Then say the ATF ate the homework with the heavy handed overreaching raid

  3. Remember the enemy is trash from HuffinCompost. Like Mary Slappinpuss. We need to put these traitors out of business with their constant lies and propaganda.