The Chairman plays golf. Dan Andrews

So The Chairman had a round of golf today. Well, he deserves some R&R after all he holds the record for the State with the most COVID deaths and the longest locked-down city in the world. Could you imagine spending four hours in the company of this moron? Maybe he played by himself.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. Just like Nero playing while Rome is burning, if politicians were intelligent & may have studied history, but they dont learn from history, Dan will fall on his sword and hard wont be far off coming soon.

  2. There’s just so many things wrong with this..
    He didn’t WANT to play bcoz he was focusing on getting us out of lockdown?????
    So.,., firstly it was a choice not to play when he had disallowed anyone else playing., . But I guess a true psychopath martyr feels if he left his office to play golf.. that wld upset his focus on saving Victoria as he was sent to do.
    Weird,, he’s one sick man that the press let get away with contradicting himself time after time,
    I guess he can’t chew and play golf at the same time., he needs to work on that!
    Trump was POTUS and he played golf ⛳️ every second day ..
    Lord .. save us 🙏
    Anyone got a set of steep stairs!?

  3. Oh goodness when that ball hit Jen (whoops Gillard) I had to stop the video I was laughing so hard.
    He comments about not wanting to play golf during lock down because he didn’t want to. He had other things to focus on.
    And there I was thinking all that time people including this piece of work didn’t play golf or tennis during lockdown because they where NOT ALLOWED to – not because they didn’t want to and had better things to
    How wrong was I

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