The Challenor Reddit Scandal


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  1. Scrubbing and censoring the name is extreme. If she was convicted of being involved then I would say firing her is justified but otherwise it is cancel culture.
    It's a hard line to tread, what is and isn't acceptable?
    I'll have to think about it more.

  2. She hasn't been proven guilty of anything illegal herself, so there should've been no issue with her being hired
    However, she was abusing her position as a mod to protect her own interests, which is why she should be fired

    Everything happened as it should

  3. The wicked and the corrupt are being protected by the same rugged system that causes the chaos. Do you think this will end up well under the current depression? Think again!

  4. The number of people on here who believe a person is guilty by association is sickening.

    It's nice to see folks believing in guilty until proven innocent, because that always works. Funny how you don't want that to apply to unfounded accusations of racism and such, but as soon as it's a child not Dank being pre-judged suddenly having proof of guilt doesn't matter any more? Hypocrites the lot of you

  5. Someone so closely tied to multiple instances of child predation should not be allowed to have power over children or responsibility for their saftey. As Reddit admin, she would be in charge of monitoring and reporting the exact crimes she has been surrounded by.

  6. She lost her job not because of her past actions but her actions in the present on reddit which the users of reddit did not like. If you didn't get banned for speaking her name, not many would have cared. But the fact that this person had the audacity to scrub the website of mentions of her and ban users who spoke about her speaks volumes about her as a person and her poor professionalism as an employee.

  7. Even though I find it hard to believe this person had no knowledge of what the father was doing, they are not a pedo legally. So I disagree with cancelling them and getting them fired. Innocent until proven guilty and this is messed up, even though It pains me to say that, give them back their shitty job just stop censoring everyone. Thats the only thing pissing everyone off.

  8. Thanks for this Daddy Dankula, I was very curious about the specific allegations and you put it in an easy to digest video. I think I'd have to say murder and pedophilia is definitely a good place to draw the line.

  9. You can tell what kind of politician she would be by her actions working for Reddit. A swampy one. Also known as, a common politician.

  10. Well, if you ask me. Fired for being involved in criminal / illegal things is a pretty damn good reason. Especially when it comes to children.
    Now what I want to know is why the hell are they in the US period? Who Okay'd letting people with pedophilic tweets /history into the US?

  11. How is it cancel culture if her working at reddit got people banned for merely mentioning her name in whatever context possible. Sounds like her being there brought other problems than people disliking her for pedo shit. She had a direct negative impact on the site that the users and mods did not start. Unless we are supposed to believe that she had nothing to do with that bot.

  12. fuck reddit. I can see the person saying they didnt know being legit. A stupid narcissist would be so full of themselves and be blind to what is going on around them. But since they are trans AND the father has this under his belt I can ONLY WONDER what childhood basement memories have been blocked out

  13. I don't think this fits the Cancel Culture model, given that the issue serms to be censorship to protect an employee…

  14. I don't use Reddit and I'm not even British, but spending five seconds on Google with the information provided by Reddit admins will tell you who it is, anyway. So why bother censoring the name?