The Champion of Free Speech

The levels of hypocrisy would be hilarious if they weren’t so disgusting.

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  1. the same prime minister that froze bank accounts of people "free of censorship" oh wait he silenced EVERY story on it and enacted the emergencies act….what a baby….does baby need his socialist bottle?

  2. he just didnt take his meds hahahahahahah he is such a moron l bet is you looked up stupid in the dictionary his picture would be there

  3. Even in America, one of my senators tweeted about how Rumble allow RT to be pumping out Russian propaganda. I sent him an e-mail asking him what country he thinks he serves as a senator in. I told him he should be more concerned about Youtube receiving section 230 protections as a "free speech platform" as it censors free speech.

  4. Russia is a Re-Public and is CLEARLY ruled by the Holy Roman Empire
    They are displaying the Double Headed Eagle which is for Imperial Status
    One head or two, or 4 like the new one in Ash-Beg-Ash Turk men is tan

  5. Western governments have so much in common with China and Russia and other non-democratic countries in how they suppress their own people it's no wonder why our "leaders" hate themselves so much. I can understand how non-democratic countries must be infuriated when they have to listen to fellow liars like Trudolph, Biden, Macron, and countless others stand on their soup boxes and criticize their countries. They do the same crap, but hide under the shield of "democracy". God, I despise these people.

  6. idk about anyone else, but ive typically watched your videos on release, and only just realized i havent seen ANY on my rec feed for about a month and a half now.

    just figured i would let you know, seems like some shadow ban bs is happening?

  7. Canada: Bans Russian media outlets from broadcasting in Canada

    Russia: Bans Canadian media from broadcasting in Russia

    Canada: *Shocked Pikachu*

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