The Chris Hedges Report: Dr. Gabor Maté on trauma, addiction, and illness under capitalism

Dr. Gabor Maté joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss his new book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture.

Dr. Gabor Maté is a physician and childhood development specialist who has written several best-selling books, including In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction; When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection; and Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder.

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  1. I would like to know your opinion as young as 3/4 year olds using mobile phones / tablets Iam not talking about the physical damage that is a possibility Iam talking more about the brain not expanding its conscienceness it's Spirituality , it's emotions , empithy

  2. Insightful analysis melding psychological insights with contemporary capitalist society. Many echoes of Herbert Marcuse's One Dimensional Man, what Marcuse called 'the tyranny of false needs".

  3. It would make so much sense if it wasn’t that my dad has been a tyrant for his entire life.My mum died at 67 devastated by cancer and he is 84 yo dead is very much full of health.😳I guess it all depends on individual cases.What you say makes a lot of sense though

  4. Ah, two writers and thinkers who've certainly enriched my life with their work. Thank you. Here's a bit more of W.H. Auden's great poem, 'September 1, 1939':

    All I have is a voice

    To undo the folded lie,
    The romantic lie in the brain
    Of the sensual man-in-the-street
    And the lie of Authority
    Whose buildings grope the sky:
    There is no such thing as the State
    And no one exists alone;
    Hunger allows no choice
    To the citizen or the police;
    We must love one another or die.

    Defenceless under the night
    Our world in stupor lies;
    Yet, dotted everywhere,
    Ironic points of light
    Flash out wherever the Just
    Exchange their messages:
    May I, composed like them
    Of Eros and of dust,
    Beleaguered by the same
    Negation and despair,
    Show an affirming flame.

  5. Doctor Mate I enjoy hearing from you and your son at the gray zone and with Katie Halper ,, I just wanted to voice understanding how consumer culture was designed from Edward Bernays, who took his uncle Sigmund Freud psychoanalytical theory "How human think", a human's deepest desires and pit them against us all knowing world has never recovered from Imperialism war's, Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism ruling elite are responsible for trauma we all experience in our lives,, creating chaos on this planet

  6. Gabor’s acquired knowledge and lifelong observations are brilliantly groundbreaking and should absolutely welcomed and incorporated into our present disjointed medical systems

  7. To deny a child love affection affects their, self- – worth. To have a narcissist father, not enough love, from mom to go around 5 bro. 3 and sister.

  8. Thank you Chris and Gabor ! Love you both and and this conversation is so powerful.I can't help but think of Alice Miller psychoanalyst's book I read in my 30's that was 40 years ago.It's her last book"The body never lies!"It had such an impact on me.Unfortunatly she didn't get the recognition she deserved in her life time, since she was ahead of it.I am looking forward to reading Gabor's book 😊

  9. Fantastic and essential discussion. Regarding the "tyranny of the past" that weighs on us like a nightmare…

    "Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living." – some guy (Marx to not be pointlessly facetious lol)

    Also relevant regarding the theme of "normal" that preserves the worst (and most lucrative) qualities of humanity at quite literally all other costs and solely for its own sake, serving a thanatos machine that no longer serves us in even a narrow sense at this point:

    "Big industry constantly requires a reserve army of unemployed workers for times of overproduction. The main purpose of the bourgeois in relation to the worker is, of course, to have the commodity labour as cheaply as possible, which is only possible when the supply of this commodity is as large as possible in relation to the demand for it, i.e., when the overpopulation is the greatest. Overpopulation is therefore in the interest of the bourgeoisie, and it gives the workers good advice which it knows to be impossible to carry out. Since capital only increases when it employs workers, the increase of capital involves an increase of the proletariat, and, as we have seen, according to the nature of the relation of capital and labour, the increase of the proletariat must proceed relatively even faster. The above theory, however, which is also expressed as a law of nature, that population grows faster than the means of subsistence, is the more welcome to the bourgeois as it silences his conscience, makes hard-heartedness into a moral duty and the consequences of society into the consequences of nature, and finally gives him the opportunity to watch the destruction of the proletariat by starvation as calmly as any other natural event without bestirring himself, and, on the other hand, to regard the misery of the proletariat as its own fault and to punish it. To be sure, the proletarian can restrain his natural instinct by reason, and so, by moral supervision, halt the law of nature in its injurious course of development."

  10. A toxic mimic. I think it was Derick Jensen who described consumer society this way. A toxic mimic. Life deprived of what is most essential for being human, replaced with shoddy goods which are both profoundly unhealthy and deeply unsatisfying, leaving us all with insatiable cravings for more, more, more…an appetite that can never be satisfied. Alienated, hungry ghosts, Wetiko disease. A toxic mimic of the way life is supposed to be lived. Real life reduced to nothing more than an endless series of commercial transactions.

  11. I agree with everything he said , in Black American society I see all these traits especially concerning the mental , physicals and spiritual illnesses from 100s of years of oppression and terrorism .

    The bigger problem we face besides healing from the extended amount of trauma that hasn’t ended yet , is how can we then heal from all the shame of abusing one another and ourselves ? It’s difficult to forgive one another when we finally realize that we were our worst enemy all along , despite the trauma of purposely being forced into oppression and forced to hate one another more than the terrorist oppressors .

    It seems suppressed emotions as a greater deadlier consequence than directing those emotions at the correct target , which for many of us is inward and thus at each other like caged animals .

    This is why I suggest to my people or any people to start with separation , atonement , unity and doing for self both collectively and individually , and in away that’s not at the expense of others .

    Amin and Shalom .

  12. To add to the introduction: including destroying schools' learning environments because children believe they're above consequences and have parents who will not or are afraid to enact consequences. So, teachers, who are extremely underpaid and exploited, spend half or more of their time as correctional facilitators than being able to make lesson plans and deliver them seamlessly which is why many teachers are quitting and, now, schools are hiring "substitutes" that are willing to do the same amount of work for less with only a certificate or 2 years minimum of college just so that schools aren't forced to shut down. And, the administration walks away with the largest cut of the money in a system that resembles more of daycare than a learning environment.

  13. In my household, I found myself for years forced to repress ALL emotions. I wasn't allowed to get angry (I'd get hit for it), I wasn't allowed to cry (I'd get made fun of for it), I wasn't allowed to feel HAPPY (if I was smiling or laughing, I "must have done something wrong"). It's not healthy trying to be like a Vulcan on STAR TREK. This is only the tip of the iceberg on a really complex, psychologically-sick situation.

    On my own, I slowly realized what an emotional person I was, and I also figured out how HEALTHY it was to "explode" with anger, provided no one got hurt. A few seconds (or minutes) or yelling and screaming to unleash TENSION could lead almost immediately to laughing and joy, as all that rage was eliminated. And maybe the person causing it might think twice about continuing with their insanity. (Or maybe not. But it still FELT better than just putting up with the insane behavior.)

    Perhaps fittingly, these days I find a certain amount of fulfillment working part-time as a home health aide. My current clients are a pair of narcisistic control-freaks. I watch a lot of videos to help me deal with these guys. My impression is that most of the aides working for my office would not put up with their recurring bouts of nonsense, but I view it as a challenge, even a mission, because I know these guys NEED help, and I may be the best one to give it.

  14. Chris is only one letter away from Christ! (Just kidding! I'm sure he doesn't endorse hero worship. But all the same, he is a great exponent of the Sermon on the Mount, ie, the social teachings of Christ.)

  15. …..and it was at THAT very moment that I realized that the old, and decrepit amongst us had been left, abandoned to die alone, and hungry, drowning there in the abject squalor of spent GREED the has-been cities.

  16. So, should we not pursue ANY goals or stimulation of ANY kind because its ALL an attempt to sooth trauma? Am I only interested in things like this interview because I'm traumatized and I'm just trying to escape my trauma? You cannot be human without trauma. It is part of our DNA. It's who we are.


  18. Ya so I agree with everything he shortly covered here 💯 .
    The book must be great.

    Only people with the trauma the will to overcome it.
    The passion to help others through coming out the other side and using it for good with intelligence and the emotional intelligence gained ..

    Come up with things that truly work that actually treats the problems not the symptoms…

    The global capitalism …
    This " cult of self" doesn’t reward this kind of brilliant insight..

    Ironically the humanity and compassion in this man's approach is the one thing that could save not only so many patients but capitalism itself….
    Who knows maybe someday it will.

    Not possible without people and approaches like this being out here though.
    It is a light of hope because I guess you never know..

    Great interviewer Great guest and undoubtedly a great book.
    Much love ❤️ to both of you for what you do.
    Thank you.

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