The CIA Plot to assassinate Assange | Former CIA Officer Speaks out!

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Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola and former CIA officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou discuss a major report of CIA director Mike Pompeo and the agency’s plans to destroy WikiLeaks and kidnap or kill its founder Julian Assange. This video was published by the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign on September 29, 2021. Given the lack of media coverage on this issue, we decided to republish it today to raise more awareness about this case.

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Written by acTVism Munich


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  1. Please like, comment and most importantly share our content. Our Assange-Updates are no longer getting the reach as they used to prior to 2021. We need your support now to spread the content as far and wide as possible on social media so we can create maximum awareness on this crucial case. Thank you for your support!

  2. I don’t trust John. I have heard him say multiple stories about 9/11. They can’t all be true. Micheal had just rehashed Max Blumenthal story from last year. He’s a well none Russia-Gator. Watch his interview on Push Back. Tries again to Russiagate Julian.

  3. For of one believe genocide should get you 200 yrs in prison n be against the law not speaking truth yet the imaginary devil doesn't work that way nor does this imaginary God for of these imaginations believe kill n steal land n resources n the most deepest theft of all are mind's are believes
    Ty for sharing my beautiful brother's n sister's peace as we fight U.S. n U.K. 👹 hate together we are one love all 🌳🌱❤3

  4. Surprise, surprise… Really? The CIA has always been a criminal organization with no moral values nor limits of any kind. Welcome to the real world!

  5. The sons of Trump watch over everything. The Sons of the Constitution of America, they will punish HIM TRUTH. NOBODY is able to kill one of his sons or himself, NOBODY 😂🤣😂 THE ELITE IS ON THE ASS. HOCHVERAT WILL BE PUNISHED WITH DEATH AND WE WILL SPIT ON THEIR GRAVES !!!

    Die Söhne Trumps wachen über alles. Die Söhne der Verfassung Amerikas, werden sie Ihn WAHRHAFTIGKEIT bestrafen.

    NIEMAND ist in fer Lage einer seiner Söhne oder ihn selbst zu töten, NIEMAND 😂🤣😂


  6. The Congressional Oversight Committees were run by the DNC. The DNC was embarrassed by the exposure of theirs and Podesta's emails. Hillary= "Can't we just drone him?" Weren't you paying attention?

  7. 😠 While there are few we admiringly respect more than ☆ Kick-Ass Kiriaku ☆ he forgets to remember the ● USA (United States of Assassins) ● knows no bounds and observes nothing from anyone or anything to quench their despicable psychotic (led by the beyond redemption cowardly sociopath embodied by the poisonous totally deranged Pompeo). 😡

    [ Mind you, these are the same sick basrards who downed another country's presidential plane to search because they thought Snowden was on board! ]

    Act of WAR? Their very continued EXISTENCE is an act of war against humanity 😠😡

  8. A former CIA officer? And you don't know the CIA are the biggest terrorists in the world? When did the cia start taking acting lessons? My the whole world's a stage isn't it?
    And I'm a targeted individual.!! The terrorist CIA agency is torturing and murdering me. It appears mothers/ grandmothers are a clear and present danger to the united states of terrorism as well.

  9. Thank you very much for this report on Julian Assange. It is sad that Der Spiegel and Focus, as well as Frankfurter Rundschau and Sueddeutsche Zeitung, are incapable or unwilling to offer objective reporting on this case. The tentacles of the CIA and the American State Department reach far. It is time for Germany to wake up and realize the the U.S.A. is a huge liability.

  10. No Idea why this guy sounds so shocked that his government planned murder. It is known fact that U.S. have regularly kidnapped, tortured, illegally imprisoned and held without charge for decades. The US is definitely a ROGUE STATE

  11. What really surprises and infuriates me is not that the CIA was going to do all this. They have always done this. What surprises and infuriates me is my otherwise educated and compassionate friends and family (mostly Democrats) that are completely complacent vis-à-vis this atrocity!

  12. 5:25 + Orstrayan LNP regime lock-step with CIA & UK in trying to assassinate Julian Assange; Deeply embedded in Deep State crimes from Vietnam onward; as an Orstrayan citizen I am disgusted & ashamed of both LNP & ALP senior politicians who are / have been complicit in attempting to destroy Wikileaks & Julian 🙁

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