The CIA’s Secret Mind Control Experiments on Charles Manson | Tom O’Neill

In 1999, entertainment reporter Tom O’Neill accepted a three-month assignment from a film magazine to write a story about how the infamous Charles Manson  Tate–LaBianca murders that changed Hollywood. Tom missed his deadline but continued to investigate the murders, falling down a 20 year investigative rabbit hole that birthed his new book “CHAOS” which is the product of those two decades of meticulous research, hundreds of interviews, and falling-outs with publishers that led to financial and legal repercussions. Tom’s book, ‘Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties’ presents his research into the background and motives for the Tate–LaBianca murders committed by the Manson Family in 1969. The evidence Tom has uncovered blows massive holes in the official narrative of the Charles Manson story and exposes corruption, & cover ups, and Manson’s connection to the CIA’s MK Ultra, LSD testing, & psychological warfare mind control programs. Toms book is the holy grail of true crime and on this episode Tom tells some shocking stories that had to be left out of the book. Get CHAOS here:

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  1. There are 'Manson' types in every single town in the USA. In Escondido we call them 'goatheads'. They are police, military, rockers, waitresses…they look out for no one but themselves. If you believe, 'do what thou wilt', you may be part of the problem.

  2. Bro our government is so Fked up that everyone who has some information want to bring it out but end of the day some knew about or some are just dum

  3. Mk ultra is huge in Hollywood. Go research that yourself
    "Roseanne barr"
    Dave McGowan detailed tons of this. This was one of the best videos I ever watched. I believe McGowan went missing after all this. Weird

    Hollywood is filled with demons who do horrific shit and the government typically leads the way.
    Horrific things happen in America and most people wouldn't want to really know.
    It's a pit of hell with horrific stars directors and producers who do terrible things,
    Nothing shocks me anymore,
    THIS certainly doesn't shock me.
    True story no doubt in my mind.
    Benedict canyon was filled with CIA Mk ultra mind control. It's how the 60s was conceived,

  4. They should have been made to sign an NDA Manson stories of his past women and girls are safe with him are they? Considering the rape allegations against Manson, is O'Neill saying he isn't going tell anyone anything about Manson that could be used against Manson in a court of law? Code of silence amongst the brotherhood and the entitlement to sexual assault.

  5. The Trent Reznor buying the Tate house in 79-80 doesn't add up. NIN wasnt biggish til late 80s early 90s…. could just be a detail discrepancy but such a story should be nailed down… right? Any loose end is a loose end.

  6. This is the most fantastic information I've ever heard I'm going to buy his book right away gosh I wish we could find out all that stuff that he can't talk about lol

  7. Before the cia bought it the Swiss pharmaceutical company they bought it from dosed an ENTIRE VILLAGE IN FRANCE WITH LSD. nice little test run to show the cia. A whole town. LOOK IT UP.

  8. What's the word for when you're embarrassed hearing about someone? Like, when you're uncomfortable with hearing gossip because the person who is gossiping shouldn't be gossiping?
    Is there a word for that?

    That's how I felt about this guy taking about Marilyn Manson.

  9. Sorry but to suggest that Manson would of complied with the CIA is bonkers, And although he was a great songwriter He was difficult to work with in a recording studio so can’t see him being able to work with the CIA ! . The people responsible for the murder of Sharon Tate was Tex Watson , Linda Kasabian , Susan Atkins and Pat Krenwinkle. They went there to the house to rob Jay Sebring and Woijchech Frkowski of Drugs . These drugs were seized and are on FBI record – Everyone from Polanski’s producer Gene Gutowski to actor Dennis Hopper all have acknowledged this in interviews . Manson was a criminal but a hippie cult leader ? No .

  10. So your wearing the satanic symbolism to make a point? Be edgedy? Or tryna shout out to the rest of the dark scum?
    What a joke.
    Of course you of all people wearing that symbol would excuse Manson’s behavior. Must be nice to be so privileged. Wish my mommy would let me put a studio in the basement lmfao.

  11. Great Interview! I was 18 when these murders happened. I read the book, but I love listening to Tom O'Neil talk about it. Please talk him into doing his own podcast. He's a great talker! Love you guys….Great podcast

  12. Mr. O'Neil is great. Interesting cat- Busting open all the lies aI grew up hearing and reading the last 50 years about
    The Manson Family saga,
    We have the l Kennedy' assassination real story emerging.
    Exxon the devil's himself actually submitted a thorough report to the federal government that oil/ fossil fuels would dangerously warm the planetwith in 1974 t.
    Been paid off the government to lie about the actual facts they discovered.
    Even Jimi hendrix's death by overdose disproven, and linked to his financing The Black Pantherss, CIA interested…
    55 years of lies and disinformation propagated by National Intelligence, Corporate America , the Government and the Media,…
    Noam Chomsky was right all along.
    Thus country runs on a system veiled as Democracy.
    God Bless America

  13. Wonderful interview, imo… And ignore the hate comments, many of these accounts are PAID government agents. I believe that the 60s drug, hippie culture was MADE by the CIA/US government. Also drug that Terry Melcher took was Dilaudid… it's crazy what Tom said, but I believe most of it to be probably true.

    The TRUTH is stranger than fiction, after all. Sounds like Terry was a drug addict, I also read in the book that his mother Doris Day insulted Manson… If that's true than yikes, Doris Day & Terry were pretty AWFUL people.

    Sad! Because I used to listen to DD and other Hollywood stars music a lot when I was younger, I used to idolize these celebs – but I don't anymore. Because I realized most of them are actually pretty problematic & horrible, even Old Hollywood stars weren't without scandal.

    Anyways – it seems like Charles Manson was a CIA agent, and that the whole media narrative of the Tate/Manson Murders most likely is a LIE. I AGREE there are lots of holes in the official story… This is my opinion.

  14. One of the most fascinating persons I've ever seen interviewed. Wow, what a story, what a great memory, and what a wild life !!! Gotta get the book now.