The city of Seattle is making white employees do insane “internalized racial superiority” training

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. So, I did not get to watch the video, however, as an African American, I can and should say this. 
    Racism is Racism! Regardless of the skin color being targeted.
    Racism should be stomped out wherever we find it. 
    There is NO justification for restricting the citizenship rights of ANY American.
    All Americans should speak out when any group of Americans is being discriminated against.
    Why is this important?
    There are enemies, foreign and domestic, who move their agenda forward against our Constitutional rights whenever any group of American's rights are being restricted and Americans don't cry out for Americans.
    We have to stop bending our knees and stand up for all Americans in that we ensure their Constitutional rights are not infringed upon.
    If we don't, we won't have much of America left.

  2. Oh Lord… This crap is why Nick Cannon is screaming about how white people don't have the ridges on their skulls or blood deficiencies or whatever. It's classical racism repackaged in a shit colored box.

  3. This is the stupidest thing that I've ever heard. Tantrums and demands are juvenile and ridiculous. This is what happens when mental hospitals are closed down. Keep spreading the truth. I will watch for awhile before making a decision about subbing. ?????

  4. Colorism is when people of the same race judge each other by the depth of color of their skin. Or that is my best definition.

  5. Great news for whites! Now we can go to work and slack off,do only 1/2 our job,tell the boss to f@@k off,quit the f@@kin' work and go on unemployment,food stamps and rent assistance. These people are really,really sick!

  6. What a waste…. Of money… Its cheaper to deAfricaniz blackAs person with ancestral ties to the tribes of the Great Plains ( my grandfather was full Arapahoe and grandmother was half)….. I find it offensive employees…since their numbers are smaller…..
    Id be bringing a lawsuit.. This is a shut case… How can a person be able jto work in this space… Anti Blackness….. Im a Raiders fan been all my life…. I like both Silver and Black equally…
    White supremacy….?? I can't help looking everywhere on earth and see everything they covet used to make their lives better
    . Are the result of whites… Kbut id have to dwell on the subject to have that thought…. I certainly hope a farmer somewhere working a field.. Isn't starting the gas pump to irrigate the field.. Isn't falling into a fit of uncontrolled rage because previously he had to carry the water by bucket… Now the pump allows time to…… Fall into uncontrolled rage instead of manually water the crops…. Im sure they are glad..
    However, whoever authored this.. Hates themselves or hates of whites

  7. Michigan is doing the same for licensed healthcare workers, To get, or renew, a license a person must complete "implicit bias" training. This is an Executive Directive from the wackco Governor Whitmer. It supposedly is to improve "equity" across the healthcare system. What a bunch of leftist bull.

  8. I wonder if this will include denying white people jobs in favour of racial diversity hiring or is it just more white people did some bad things and you should feel guilty about it.

  9. How is this not a cult? Don’t question these ideas. You can’t know. You have to believe. Be prepared to disassociate from other White people that don’t believe all these ideas to be absolute truth as well.

  10. Remember when the special training you got on the job involved bringing EVERY employee together and went over what was good and what they needed to work on to help the company perform better and make more money. How does signaling out a percentage of your employees based purely on the color of their skin and make them sit through a class to tell them what horrible racist people they are help them or your company do a better job?

  11. Do you really think people should go along with this?
    If they spend thousands out of fear they will have to go along with it in practice
    Not promoting non white people….
    If there's grounds for racism why can't it be stopped

  12. It makes me laugh when people say "Is there any data for this?" No. No there isn't. A good portion of what is coming out of these things can be preferenced with the phrase "Well, I reckon…." and dismissed just as quickly with "Well, I don't…" Remember, we're not allowed to use objectivity to determine who is right (that's a tool of white supremacy – somehow…) so I guess it's just opinions all round. That's great – I reckon we can all go home.

  13. I've been telling people since the riots started that I've never been racist my entire life, as a middle aged white male…until now. I'm "this close" to being racist. How can I not be when a significant percentage our society has designated me the enemy that needs to be pounced upon. To keep things interesting, I've lived in poverty most of my life…looking for that alleged "white privilege" that I'm supposed to have. To make things even more interesting, I spoke to a random black woman my age in the past month to ask her, politely, if she agreed she's/her family are victims of systemic racism…

    What she described to me were things like being pulled over for a traffic ticket, and getting an extra ticket for giving the officer a hard time. I have a huge problem with traffic law and due process issues myself, and I also have a complaint with Internal Affairs over how a white officer massively abused his position with a minor traffic pull over in the past year (for a muffler problem, I never get tickets for anything).

    What the black woman described to me…several incidences…90% of them were simply normal challenges that EVERYONE deals with. (Hence me telling her about my complaint with Internal Affairs…to try to get her to see that WHITE PEOPLE deal with abuses as well). She interprets what's happened to her as "racist" when what she's telling me absolutely was NOT racist.

    All a cultural group has to do is agree on the interpretation of what racism is, and viola', it all becomes racist EVEN THO IT IS NOT RACIST.

    That is what is happening. Racism does exist, but it's nowhere near as rampant as the agenda would have the public believe. Think about all the civil rights advances and "token" programs, etc, over the decades.

    Answer this white people: Do you ever feel like you have to tip-toe around black people? Like…ALLLLLL THE TIME, tip-toe??

    I'd bet 95% of whites would agree: "YUP!"

    NOW, we have to apologize for it because we aren't tip-toeing light enough or often enough.

    I thank goodness for people like Candace Owens and other black conservatives (I'm non-partisan btw).

  14. This sounds like a training from Nazi Germany or China or North Korea… "you, as an individual of (x) group, are intrinsically bad, and you need the government to point that out to you. You can only be ok if you admit you are bad and assimilate."

  15. If these compNies realized that they have a whole lot of people who would get behind them by calling these radicals out they would all get in line to do it… Just takes one courageous corporation… I live in Washington state and this is appalling to me!!!

  16. The problem I have here is how are they going to enforce implied bias training without specifically singling out one group as needing to be “fixed”. I’m gay, are they going to required training for straight people about their internalized bias towards gays with their straightness? We can go down the rabbit hole requiring more and more training for more and more groups. Undoing internalized misogyny training for straight men? It’s obvious that one and only one specific group is the target of this.

  17. In the last 2 months ive been getting emails in my work account regarding "white allyship" seminars and "how to be a good white ally" im just a contractor but my employer is a branch of the federal government

  18. cognitive dissonance is mentioned as a sign of superiority (as it is a tactic of a preemptive strike) being that such – conflicted statements
    one right after the left of the next…
    actually CAUSES IT, cognitive dissonance. so, they stack it in 'proof'…

    i guess then you can't sue your work place or them, when 'a psychiatrist' chimes in…

  19. You know, if this is going to spread to the rest of the US and be a mandatory thing, im just gonna kill myself. Im tired of the system fighting racism with even more racism

  20. It's Jabberwocky! They are twisting and distorting words and meanings to the point they make no sense. So is what they are saying is we should not be so "white", we should not do the best we can, we should not like our job, we should not like our colleagues if they're white, we should be self effacing, we must live withe scarlet letter and prostrate for being born into the white race?

  21. I was forced to attend a similar training at a company I worked for – the focus was on the new “sex protocols” in the workplace. I won’t go thru the details bc you can look it up on line. ~ Basically it addressed inappropriate sex behaviors, and the sociopolitical correct way to address a person who might be ‘other’ than male or female. ~ The result of the meeting was more discomfort & stress. Employee bathrooms were converted to mix use bathrooms. – Employees who were rude & inappropriate continued to do so ; even after I reported it.. So, nothing changed:
    What many people do not know – is that the state applies financial rewards to companies & institutions who comply ( agree to do the employee training.. )
    What it comes down to this,
    people will act the way they do :
    A workshop is not going to change a person’s life behavior. Only life experiences can do that. ~
    I would advise everyone to calm down & be less alarmed & alarming. . It’s all gonna be alright ..
    BTW / I’m a mix race person who likes getting along with everybody. The state didn’t force me to be that way..It’s my personality. ?

  22. Finally , my innate superiority recognized ! I’ve been telling my family about my superior personhood for years but they don’t agree . Thanks lunatics , appreciate.