The CNN PURGE Has Begun!!


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  1. Joe Scarborough is insane and should go. He claims abortions were being done in the Bible. The man is totally a freak show and a liar, like all of them, but worse than some. Get rid of HIM.

  2. This couldn't have happened to a better news network than CNC NN out with the old and with the new with the new report on news and not live time to clean house! 😁😆😅🤣😂

  3. After what I seen during trumps Four-year presidential term I watched CNN become a total hack news agency and they’ve been sued multiple times for hundreds of millions of dollars fact

  4. A drunk person in Australia (Am not!) Can see the democrats are going down in November and most likely in '24.
    Mark my words, this moment will be used as justification for future Antiphap and BNM mostly peacefull city burnings and lootingfests.

  5. The MSNBC gossip rag including the msn website is an absolute joke and worse than CNN. I hope that place falls into the ocean. Rachel Maddow pushing racial agenda in the city while living in the middle of the woods.

  6. The left saying that CNN is run by fascists and should be boycotted, conservatives have known that for years, they have gone so far left they circled back around again.

  7. This isn't new, for as long as I can remember leftists have considered 'unbiased' to mean 'having a leftist bias', while something that is actually unbiased is biased towards conservatives. Liberals being delusional douchebags is nothing new, in fact its their natural state.

  8. New ownership is WBD, Communist News Network was part of ATT Warner debt spinoff, but they have lost too many viewers, if I hear they got rid of the Lemonhead, and some of the others, I might tune in. Maybe. Probably not.

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