The Collapse of The Soviet Union – A Documentary Film (2006)

The film is using episodes filmed mainly at the Kremlin, Soviet Union’s headquarters which enable to have a glance to world’s most well-known political kitchen. Director TOOMAS LEPP, author and producer JUHAN AARE. Eesti Kultuurfilm 2006


  1. The success of Stalin – the man who used to boast that he conquered the United States "from the plow to the atomic bomb in just a generation" – compared to Gorbachev's failure shows that a socialist economy is unable to function with a minimum of efficiency without requiring a massive dose of political violence. In an attempt to reform a decadent regime, Gorbachev moved faster with the process of economic opening in the hope of removing the predictable resistance that the Soviet bureaucracy would create to economic reform measures, as CABAL proved with the failed attempt. coup d'état in August 1991 – which ended up precipitating the final crisis of socialism and the dissolution of the USSR itself

    Its Chinese parallel – Deng Xiaoping – adopted a logic diametrically opposed to that of Gorbachev: it prioritized the achievement of economic prosperity (adopting in practice capitalism) precisely to delay any attempt at political opening, as was evident with the acceleration of the economy. reforms after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

    It is important to note that it was Karl Marx himself who, in his Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, discerned the scenario in which the conditions for a social revolution process are formed, describing it as follows:

    “At a certain stage in its development, the material productive forces of society contradict existing production relations or – which is only their legal expression – with the property relations in which they have been active until then. From the forms of development of the productive forces, these relations are transformed into fetters of them. So, it is a time of social revolution. '*

    By rejecting the pursuit of profit maximization as an instrument to stimulate innovation, socialist countries ended up condemning themselves to obsolescence. Thus, they lost the chance to incorporate the productivity gains made possible by technological progress. That is why the capitalist countries managed to provide a greater rise in the standard of living of their population, even without pursuing the egalitarian ideal. Therefore, until the “final crisis of socialism” (to paraphrase K. Marx's own definitions once again), it was only a matter of time. But religious fanatics do not give up on their faith, even against the indisputable proof of the facts, which completely refute it!

    * Reproduced according to MARX, K. Preface to the Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, organized by Florestan Fernandes and published under the title K. Marx: Theory and historical process of the social revolution, In Marx & Engels, Great Social Scientists Collection, History, vol. 36. São Paulo: Ática, 1983. p. 232. Commemorative edition of the centenary of Karl Marx's death

  2. Soviet Union was destroyed by Yuri Andropov. He was a head of KGB since 1967. He created entire new elite in Leningrad and Gorbachev was his protege. He was behind flawed RBMK nuclear reactor design which exploded in Chernobyl. His hand was also on invasion of Afghanistan. They made bunch of really stupid laws and moves in 1980s which led to collapse of Soviet Union

  3. My lord.. what hope is there for Europe if in replacing the USSR we get arrogant Fiefdoms likee Estonia that claim THEY caused the Soviet Union to fall….. and then a decade later sell out their children to the EU and NATO

  4. It is amazing how Gorbachev is smiling and laughing while people talk about dismantling the country. I try to imagine Brejnev or Khrushchev in the same situation…or Stalin….OMG…

  5. I never realised the seeds of their independence lay in those secret clauses in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. I read a whole book on the pact for a history project back in the early 90s but never knew its contemporary significance. Thank you for putting this online.

  6. I watched the whole thing and have a better idea of the situation but many more questions than answers. It also seems very heavily focused on Estonia and I was hoping to learn more(or anything) about the resolution of Germany as well. Suffice to say, education on this topic is taught to us in the West but in a very cursory manner.

  7. The space race financially destroyed the Soviet Union, and if the Soviets had not settled on that race, the Soviet Union would still be alive and well today. To fall for the capitalist game, and to be a socialist, must have resulted in a collapse, and the arrogant political officials who did not think about their people at all are responsible.