The Coming Hyperinflation of Australian Property

The most important set of economic questions facing the Australian people is inflation, interest rates and mortgage/financial stress.

The recent release of the Consumer Price Index by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at officially 5.1% and the subsequent raising of interest rates by the RBA is now the main conversation which many Australian families are having.

With only one interest rate there is already a sea change in the sentiment in both the property market, shares and cryptocurrencies.

Many Australians with significant debts are now quite nervous about what does the future hold.

Analyst Martin North and Economist John Adams discuss….

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!


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  1. I again with David Lannan, but not all over 50's are very wealthy, I agree that we have NO Industry, Everything we buy, and all house house stuff, is made from over seas and not in Australia. I heard a statement From Gina Rinehart on you tube just recently and it was made 10 ago, I was outrage, she stated that Australia's should only earn $2 an hour as the Asian people over seas make. Not my words, hers. We lost Industries over here because, companies don't want to pay out $25 dollars an hour it hurts their MacMasions, and everything else. We import everything Except Meat even that maybe, Sad point, our farmers are letting their veggies and Avocado's rot, I not like them so I don't buy them. We need to start Making stuff again, Its achievable, and we need to find out energy, and sorry the Greens are Wrong, we need Coal and Closing power station is wrong, Unless we go nuclear, and Building, there is shortage on timber from over seas and everything else, WE even need to make Microchips for Computers and Even cars, Phones, Nearly Everything is Microchip, so we need that too. Every push bike that is ridden, comes from China, China even owns the right to Malvern Star, I know this, If we Australian people want to change, then we need to get off our bums and start an industry. Why are so many migrants coming here, they can earn a living and buy a house and everything is here. Why not come here, good on them. Better life. Until 12 months ago I knew all suburbs and what area was what. The Glen Shopping Centre has High rise units built on top of them, 13 stories high, X 2. Dancaster has units 20 stories high opposite the Shopping centre, Their is a huge one and the units must be over 100 if not more, on the corner of Princess Hwy and Blackburn rd. If they can't build enough, they build high. Problem is I hope the builders are good builders, as sometimes they bring in cheap labour, and Quality product. I do know from experience, its not as what it seems sometimes. Yes I know but won't say the builder, but they are well known, I leave it their.

  2. If all these greedy people think that the government will step in to bale them out they also believe in the tooth fairy. Rates are just normalising. Over the long term this will flush out all the speculation in the market and finally allow our children to be able to afford a home!

  3. Ah, the necessity of interest rates!
    This is what Adolph Hitler called The Bankster's Thrall.
    What an absurd assumption that we need Banksters to rent money from!
    I point you in the direction of Feder's book, The Program of the Party of Adolph Hitler.
    Caveat: Any attempt to wrest the printing press from the Banksters will be met with extreme prejudice.
    Look what we did to our kinfolk, the Saxons of Germany.

  4. So, what happens to inflation? Will the government just let inflation constantly rise? If they don't rein in inflation the damage will be greater than a few interest rate rises…

  5. Raising rates now is a HUGE policy error. You can't solve inflation caused by supply constraints by raising rates. In fact raising rates this time around, unlike the Volcker era, will only compound inflation because it will lead to higher costs for businesses that are swimming under debt, thus leading those businesses to cut costs and production. Central bankers are as dumb as caterpillar turds.

  6. Agenda 21/30 is going along perfectly.This is how they bring about 1 world govt ,a digital currency and credit scoring .CCP style.Mankind must be on the brink before we will make change.

  7. Wasn't it obvious years ago that property has become a state sanctioned Ponzi scheme? Being sanctioned by the state, it is going to take quite something to see it collapse.

  8. Sexy title on the article, but property can not hyper-inflate. I think you mean to say 'The Coming Mega-inflation of Property Prices'. Sure, property prices can hyper-inflate, but only if the currency does. Stricter use of language please^^

  9. I'm far from a Labor supporter. Bring that Labor is in an with completely different policies, is this still likely. Just looking at domain and I'm seeing more discounting. People are apprehensive of spending money

  10. So much respect for you two for siding with the normal people given how controlling freaks the Australian government and governments around the world have been since the pandemic!
    Can you produce an espisode about the move of Labor government to co-own private houses with citizens of up to 40% of houses worth $950,000?! What are your thoughts on this?
    Growing up under communist regime, I personally see this is exactly abiding Marxism theory where government owns all resources. In my origin country, the government automatically owns all lands, the citizens can only pay to own "RIGHTS TO USE LANDS" which obviously mostly includes building a house on them. Digusting to see Australia is moving towards this direction!

  11. again the first home buyers with low income will suffer. they will have to pay more to the bank at higher cost of houses. the investors wil slow down investment.. but that wont impact the suffering of first home buyers.

  12. I’m a 30yo with no debt. Can I get some opinions on whether it’s a good idea or not to purchase a first property at the moment? I’m hesitant as there is so much uncertainty. Everyone in my immediate life is saying it the right thing to do. But I fear that these are opinions are biased on out of date ideology.

  13. Keep in mind the WEF says by 2030 you will own nothing.
    You tell me, how do we get to that? Very High inflation I would think.
    If housing hyperinflates, very few people will be able to afford insurance (required by mortgages) and the utilities. Taxes may not be so bad but most local governments are going broke. And they too will need to pass along the hyperinflation dumped on them. Yes, building material costs have already inflated.
    Hyperinflation means running costs hyperinflate. So even fully paid owners may not survive.

    However, in the near term, interest rates are going up. Mortgages in Canada have 5 to 7 year terms and almost no one is a year 1. Housing is becoming less affordable. In the US foreclosures are increasing.
    I agree with Dent. Deflation is going to hit housing.
    For a cash buyer, there is going to be opportunity.
    But the timing is not going to be easy.
    WEF and bankers will turn the tide and everyone will initially cheer as prices rise.
    The cash buyer will have to be quick. As their cash becomes worthless they will need to buy quickly.
    That said, again, hyperinflation means running costs hyperinflate. So even fully paid owners may not survive. Purchase real modest, rent out for income or have a nest egg.

    Lastly the WEF will replace existing currencies. So real traditional hyperinflation will be required near to 2030 to wipe out everyone and even the most savey cash buyer that timed their purchase well, will be challenged. Now, they say 2030. Would they hedge their timing, and plan on 2029-28? You don't need a whole lot of time to hyperinflate currencies into dust. 2 years?
    The deflation has started. Perhaps 2 more years before the bottom?
    Maybe John can help us out. Or confirm his current timing.

  14. It simple really – foreign investors allowed to buy up the properties. Massive immigration allowed eating up the limited supply. Now your children pay the price. My friends adult children rented from a foreigner/recent "asylum seeker" who comes around threatening, breaching rental conditions of privacy, and not maintaining essential things on the property – he should not have owned the property in the first place.

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