The Coming UPS WORKER REVOLT Over Heat Exhaustion | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar have Max Alvarez go further into the UPS Workers’ struggles with heat exhaustion and how they could revolt against management in 2023

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  1. Everyone deserves to be reasonable comfortable at work, and definitely does not deserve to be in danger of dying of heat exhaustion. I imagine the management and executives at UPS have their offices in air conditioned buildings.

  2. 14:37 "If they don't seem to know whats going on yet, YOU DO!"🤔 If local chapters are in such disarray that they are relying on random people informing them about the upcoming contract, then the Teamsters have a problem at the top🤑.

    Here's a suggestion, I'll keep listing to podcasts to find out when The Teamsters fire their communications director. 😆 Then I'll know, "their not messing around".

    Perhaps the John Deere workers can provide support and go on a wildcat strike the same time as UPS🤔?


  3. As usual, this is BS. Max Alvarez has no idea what is happening. I see what they do here now. They post a video of a worker collapsing, which by the way is 3 months old. So they get Max to grift on to an issue he has no idea about, but since he is 'for the workers' on social media he suppose to inform us. oh yeah, have you guys yet talked about how this issue has already been addressed. Oh yeah, ya'll don't really care.

  4. You gotta be shitting me. Guys who drive trucks and deliver Amazon packages for a living are complaining about what now?

    Does nobody have the balls to call out this pussified excuse of a generation ?

    My god. How bout the guys laying shingles, or pouring concrete, or better yet…the fuckin farmers who haven’t had a day off in 4 decades while they supply the food for a generation who can’t get off their ass? If the UPS workers in this “story” look anything like the Lizzos who deliver packages here, that may point you to the health issues they’re experiencing.

    This story is peak “victimhood = currency”, and it appears Breaking Points is the willing banker

    Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

  5. I guess I'll provide the contra-position. It's not the heat that's killing killing UPS drivers (I don't know how often that happens). It's the lack of training about heat exhaustion and heat stroke that's killing the works. How do I know? Because I was in the army. If you think a UPS truck is hot in the summer, try sitting in an un air conditioned armor personnel carrier. Or humping a ruck in Ft. Benning, Ga with damn near 100% humidity. Or worse, humping in MOPP4 where the sweat pools up in your pro-mask. Where the two options are to cheat; break your seal and drain your sweat or drink it. Ft. Benning heat can be so bad that you SWEAT through combat boots. Yeah, you see salt crystals on the outside of your boots. And it's not just water. You need electrolytes. But not too much. Because you can get water poisoning. Again, not training people on the signs of heat stroke can be deadly. You have to know what the signs are and how to mitigate it. But even with trained people, soldiers die during training from heat related accidents. Some soldiers are REQUIRED to carry gatorade because of propensity for heat exhaustion. You have to stay vigilant.

  6. How is it even legal to have employees driving work vehicles without air conditioning?
    I live in Louisiana and I feel like I need a shower after stepping outside to check my mail, I would've quit on my first day.

  7. Absolutely tragic but Folks dont have to work there. I doubt a revolt will happen with the pay that they get. I bet the Pashtun goat herding Afghan boys that walk up mountains in 120 degree heat on a daily basis would love that kind of pay!

  8. Great segment but it was weird how he kept saying breaking points in Crystal and leaving saagar out I just picture saagar in the back…hey man put some respect on my name hahaha

  9. I was there for his wake on my route in east Los Angeles. It was a sad day for me , it really hit home . Remember COVID 19 has ravaged our bodies , and if you work in the heat you are more at risk for heat stroke. As global warming gets worse more people that do hard work in the heat are going to pay the price. I've been a 28 year UPS driver veteran and let me tell you the heat is getting worse . The effects on the brain in 130 degree heat in the back of truck is exhausting.

  10. If you run out of options on a hot day, here is what I do in Tokyo. Spray your undershirt with water. It is cleaner than sweat and doesn't dehydrate you. The water will evaportate and cool you down. You don't even need cold water for this to work. Just add this to your list of tips like drink water and stay away from sugar.

  11. Man if you think this is bad talk to any one in the army stationed in a hot climate. Heat exhaustion is extremely common and heat deaths a reality. Everything they just described but add body armor and rucksacks. Probably one of the MANY reasons the military is facing a historic recruiting crisis.

  12. I know it's not much, but whenever I see a package truck coming down my street, regardless of which company it is, I run inside and grab a few full-sized Gatorades for the drivers. I've been meaning to set up a cooler, daily, outside my front door for any driver that passes by. I really have to find a cooler that will keep the drinks cool, though.

  13. My son worked at a foundry where temps are regularly 120. Grueling physical work in insane heat. With a union pay is 24/hour 6 day week, first year zero vacation second year 3 days. The bakery hours and days off are worse, much less pay, heat about 110, sometimes they work a month, 10 to 12 hour shifts. This is you Mexican owned big bakery in Iowa.

  14. Physical I don't know how much A/C will help in those Trucks, watch a UPS driver they will Knock out a Ton of Stops in and out of the Package Car car and turning it On/Off. Opening the Door Is a Constant. The heat gets them more on the walking to and from the Cars. No way you can Cool the Back of those trucks.

    I think lighter work load is a better solution, or additional breaks during summer or when heat conditions call for it

  15. There are millions of Biden’s buddies aka illegals that would love taking the jobs of you UPS people. If you think you can’t be replaced you are in for a rude awakening.

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