The complete footage of the Black Lives Matter attack on #WalkAway, and the media filmed it all.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. "I will show you violence…" jfc, be better BLM supporters. If you engage in violence your cause just loses its value.

    Wow so fucking brave in an angry loser mob. And they call whites the racists. Na, some people needed some discipline growing up. But that would require people being responsible for themselves and their kids.

    Sad generation being raised right now.

  2. That is Cedars station for the DART. I ride past that station all the time what I am traveling in-and-out of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. In fact, if I had not gotten a ride home from some kind strangers at the rally, I might have even been on that train that you saw in the background. It sickens me that this sort of thing is happening practically in my own backyard.

  3. Kaitlyn Bennett hires security to go with her! You should have done the same or ask for voluteers. Its very clear these BLM PEOPLE would hurt or even kill you guys if they had the chance

  4. Thank God you guys are ok. This is what they want. To intimidate to try to force you to do what they want. The saddest thing is that they have no clue how they're "wants" will destroy their own communities. Laws must be enforced and there must be consequences or this will continue. The people funding this crap too must be prosecuted for this domestic terrorism. God bless!!??????

  5. Bigots bullies & racists share the same petty minded ignorant mindset & are unable to see anything of value in the person standing in front of them; & has nothing to do with ethnicity – but – has everything to do with the need to devalue & demean the other

  6. Karlyn,, someone in that video called the name of the woman who assaulted you (the one with the blonde tips) more than once. You can hear it in the video you attached below. Her name is Emma. It’s clear as anything in the other video.

  7. Was this before or after the Walk Away security guard physically assaulted the founder of NGAN at the rally? Not disputing your version of events just trying to confirm a timeline of events.

  8. As someone whose been in a similar situation but just with a bunch of thugs that jumped me and my friend, I feel you with the visceral reaction. So sorry you had to go through this!

    We got our asses beat because we didn't have cigarettes. Glad it ended a bit better for you but it's still awful.

  9. you should have had armed security and stood your ground. your retreat simply emboldened them. and some of youre people should get gopros with chest straps to film so the cant be grabbed away. im glad none of you were hurt.
    yes the media supports this kind of terroristic behavior. now you have to ask yourselves why.

  10. So let me get this straight, these Marxist’s claim to have the moral high ground. Since when did terrorists( those who attack civilians) have morals. I want to know how these intolerant, violent, demonic people plan on forming “utopia.”

    As a Texan I am delighted the chief of police resigned this week. Hopefully, the next chief will be an approvement.

  11. Liveleak was designed to prevent footage from being lost by terrorists/police seizing cameras. That is why the pigs started employing cell jamming. They jammed cell phones just BEFORE the Boston Marathon "Bombing".

  12. People attend walk away rallies because they are leaving or thinking of leaving the democrats. Intimidation and violence is only going to push more people away.