The Consequences of Lockdowns are Dire

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  1. "Sacrificing our children to save the NHS". 'They' say now that it's only a conspiracy theory but remember the 2012 London Olympics Worship of the NHS and those kids in hospital sure looked like they were being sacrificed to a monster, while other images included more on the theme like DNA, and as we know know, in 2012 they were already working on this.
    A heads up to those in the know to get their private doctors & hospitals lined up before it's too late?

  2. There is no forgiveness to the left, they can never be trusted and must be publicly exiled to the point of the result for their absolute treason against constitutional rights. No mercy, not one tear.

    The mass printing of money is the most damaging and long lasting part of the lockdowns.

  3. Funny thing, I’ve been saying that both crime will skyrocket while mental health plummets if this nonsense doesn’t stop for the past 22 months. At the beginning I was a lunatic nutcase that wants to kill grandma and was just salty because the 13 years I’d put into my entertainment/hospitality industry career was being flushed down the toilet. Today nobody argues with me. And I’m in freaking Texas, where it wasn’t half as draconian as other places in the world!

  4. My country, Nigeria wasn't really affected by covid tho… not even close, it wasn't really a big deal over here after we realized that the pandemic wasn't that strong… Our economy wasn't ruined by the pandemic… Yeah our economy as always been bad way before the pandemic but covid didn't even budge it… Because the lock down didn't even reach 6months before the government decided that it was stupid… We gradually started opening but I'm guessing compared to the speed of how the west opened, we rapidly opened… 1 month of complete lockdown, 2 months of lockdown in which you can go out but you can't go past your street, another 2 months of commercial lockdown which now we can go past our streets but we can't travel between states and no office or any place that allowed large gathering was opened… Then with in the next 4 months, everywhere started opening with the caveat that the people in their must wear a mask, check their temperature and wash their hands anytime they're leaving and coming back into the premises and there was a set number if people that could be in the office and each staffs must be at home for the weekends of course and two working days, so every company had to make a roster… Then after that 4 months, we completely got tired of covid and immediately returned back to normal and opened schools and fully opened offices and shops but some companies still made masking, washing hands, checking your vitals and social distancing mandatory but the government wasn't enforcing anymore and after like 5 months of that rubbish, most people and companies stopped even asking for those requirements so it's just remained really paranoid people that wore mask and are still wearing till date…

    Our entire lockdown didn't go past s year… It literally ended by the end of December, 2020… And we never looked back again… There was no increase in corona cases and deaths, in fact, it decreased to the extent that a lot of people have now forgotten about coronavirus and become shocked when they hear that the west are still talking about it and enforcing the counterproductive countermeasures against the pandemic… To them, it seems like coronavirus was 2 seasons ago, like how people see ebola currently…

    Our economy didn't crash because despite being in a lockdown, everyone was still working from home and even retailers sold their goods from their houses and wholesalers went online to sell theirs… Like literally nothing stopped except for local poor schools whose student can't afford to use zoom because they don't have PCs and the data for a zoom school… Like my previous company back then during the pandemic when I was still with them, we went isolate in a beautiful 3 stars hotel with 3 square meals, laundry and cleaning and everyone got their own big ass rooms, no sharing and everything including the entertainment and drinks and meals, dessert etc were all expenses paid by the company itself… The pandemic was a beautiful period for us and we wishes it never ended…

    So our economy wasn't affected by the pandemic one bit because we opened up very early and we worked from home diligently because we're a hard-working country during the lockdown… We didn't lose much and our government didn't become more tyrannical than they normally are… Covid didn't really affect anything for us except for the balance of trade because as the west decided to lockdown their citizens forever, imported goods here in Nigeria became very scarce so their prices literally doubled and hasn't dropped since then… Coronavirus was a fly on the wall for us, granted we panicked at the beginning which led to the deaths of those people, we regained our senses immediately under a month and said fuck it, go do whatever you wanna do…

  5. I have a niece that had her (first and only) baby in February of 2020. That kid is two years old now and has never been around or interacted with any human beings other than his mom and dad. They do not leave their house except for maybe a walk around the block when nobody else is out. (with masks, of course!) They work from hom, groceries are delivered and not brought in until they have been sanatized with a UV wand, even doctor appointments are virtual. Our whole family, which has been out and about the whole time, including a large reunion last July, is worried sick about that poor kid. But they’re following the branch covidian dictates, which means their abuse is legal. Espically since they live in Portland.

  6. heres a grim thought for you all. how many of those 'drug overdoses' were because people could not get their medicine (either not affordable or not available due to supply problems) – and thus turned to street drugs in an attempt to alleviate their severe pain.

    While the US certainly suffers from people not being able to afford medicine, even in the UK with our NHS there were supply problems, leaving people UNABLE to get their meds.

  7. I feel like this drama of catastrophic proportions suited far too many, home working, furlough, and the genuine addiction to the internet. The economic implications will sustain this shift from reality to online existence until we treat Omni Big tech hardware more as toys for our amusement and withdraw from its political and social influence. Then I think about my feelings and conclude, no way, the pull is too strong and lockdown was part of the process to engender this obsession.
    No wonder madness abounds.

  8. "[W]hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

    These words are just as true for others as they are for Americans.

  9. It's not like I wasn't already aware of these effects, but hearing it in such stark terms is absolutely staggering. I couldn't help but tear up a bit listening to this segment. I don't even have the words for how horrifying this has been and will continue to be.

  10. "We're worried about health care becoming overwelmed."
    "I got an idea, how about we create mandates to force people to stay home and keep businesses and governmental organizations from operating."
    "Wouldn't that include health care as well?"
    "Yes, lets prevent people from getting medical care in person. We can instead allow them to see their doctor over their phone."
    "But won't some people need in person operations?"
    "Yes, but they could get or spread covid so if we shut down medical care then we can prevent covid from shutting it down."
    "Brilliant, so if we shut down health care, then technically we have prevented covid from shutting it down."
    "I know, I'm an academic."

  11. This data is only just touching the surface of the irreversible damage the restrictions of the pandemic has done. As a parent of an autistic small child with allergies and skin condition it has been insanely difficult to access therapies, testing, emergency and any medical services that the corrupt government didn't not list as essential services. Could not even go to doctors, playgroups, kindergarten, playgrounds, libraries, podiatry, hearing test, assessments…etc. I was suicidal and depressed but accessing mental health services was too hard and pointless anyway. My child's behaviour and verbal communication is delayed massively probably forever ruined. I'm suffering serious health issues because of the vaccine and we can barely survive financially and emotionally due to the rental crisis and inflation of groceries, petrol, hygiene products, water, gas, electricity and so much more. The Australian government and police used this pandemic to abuse the most disadvantaged and ruin people's lives with huge fines and martial laws destroying the environment and community connections in the process. There is rubbish everywhere now especially masks and everybody is so rude and acting crazy. Now there is a war going on and that lots of countries don't offer support but they had no problem helping fake Middle Eastern refugees though. The crazies are running the asylum and I have no hope left for the future.

  12. It's almost as if whenever you have a lockdown order, businesses aren't allowed to open, they can't make any revenue, then they go bankrupt and a bunch of people lose their jobs, a bunch of people are facing down difficulty feeding themselves, can't go anywhere to take their mind off it because everywhere's closed because of the lockdown, facing grave uncertainty about the future, that that causes anxiety in some people, and some less mentally stable people end up killing themselves. Who'd've thought?… 🤔

  13. You do realise that "everything being screwed" is the Communists' intention in their attack on the World? As far as the Communists are concerned (Xi-Jinping, Putin, Klaus Schwab, Trudeau, Johnson, Sturgeon, Ardern etc, etc) everything is going swimmingly. Coimmunism is set to take over the entire Planet…….from WITHIN. And there is not a blind thing we can do about it; because all the usual tools of defence (the Military and Institutions) have been captured in advance.

  14. I have just had my new energy prices from April 01st and they are double what I was paying and I already sit in the cold most of the time, I don't know how they can justify these increases and believe me this is going to create unbelieveable hardship for millions of people. I never thought after spending the best years of my life working I would spend my 60's in poverty.
    Also a result of continuous lockdowns.

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