The Constitution is Being Ignored – Here’s Why

Filmed on Sunday 9th Oct 2022

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Written by Melbourne RAW


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  1. Jacqui , thank you for informing the public .I hope more people speak up the truth as you do.
    May the police protect the public and our families. Hope they turn away from their superiors . Don't protect evil rulers.
    State laws are made by insane rulers , wake up Australia.

  2. Call on Lord Jesus ,ask him come into your Life and be your Lord and Savior , Trust in him xxx !!He will reveal himself to u ,if u have a soft Heart and cry out to him ,no matter what Sins u have committed if u confess them With sorrowful heart he will wipe them out like they never existed !
    He died suffered tremendously was scourged ,marred ,beyond any man and nailed to the Cross ,shedding his oh precious Blood for atonement of our Sins , rose from dead and Resurrected 3 days latter, litmus test , is Son of God !!!! 350 prophesies in Old Testament
    He is waiting for your cry out , more desperate and broken u r the better !!!!!!!! xxxxx bless u Hallelujah
    2022-AD – no Harry Potter the only one and only real Truth ,Authority and Source that will set u free by the Blood of Jesusxxxxxxx
    All other beliefs are demonic deception and lead u to ultimate Destruction !!!

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