The Consulting Firm Linking Biden, Beto & AOC

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #257, Zeynab Day and Nick Brana of the People’s Party expose the role that the consulting firm Middle Seat plays in linking progressive Justice Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with establishment Dems.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Unless I broke something in my YouTube settings, auto-generated captions are in Vietnamese right now. While it does make for some amazing word salad when attempting to translate English as though it were Vietnamese, is it possible YouTube is messing with you still?

  2. 1. Fight the progressive idea until they cant anymore
    2. Trot out a person claiming the progressive message (while they pretend to oppose them)
    3. Fauxgressive absorbs all the progressive energy like a mop and the revolution stands down thinking theyve won
    4. Squeeze mop out into bucket. dump bucket in back yard
    5. Fauxgressive begins voting like the establishment they just "defeated"
    6. Crisis averted billionaires go back to making money

  3. Wow. Learning how it all played out behind the scenes is eye-opening. Middle Seat is the construct of the democratic process in elections. That's how they made Biden appear "palatable." Don't tell me there's no such thing as group-think or mass psychosis.

  4. The progressives eagerly voted for: H.R.550 – Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021-2022. This amends the Public Health Service Act relating to immunization. The goal is to create a "centralized database" supposedly for epidemics but also for "other ambiguous purposes." It really lays the groundwork for a technocratic totalitarian biosecurity surveillance state. This will inevitably result in a citizen's scoring system.

  5. So middle scum IS whos fucking us in the ass & stealing any progress we could make? These pos are the crooks we’ve been looking for? They steel from us & funnel to Corporate crooks. They got a shit ton to answer for. BURN THIS SHIT CONSULTING TOXIC PIPELINE DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!🔥❤️‍🔥🔥👊💪 METAPHORICALLY

  6. Only satanic demons from the darkest pits of hell work to direct small donations from poor people to benefit the Wall Street establishment Democratic Party candidates. These individuals will obviously burn in hell for all eternity where no one will hear their never ending screams for mercy.

  7. I'm glad that Nick Brana at least recognizes that the Build Back Better Act is a give away to large corporations and a massive privatization plan, even if he does not yet recognize that the Build Back Better Act is a portion of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset.

  8. The Democratic party has their right flanking corporatist leaders at one end if the aisle and their left flanking pretend progressives at the other end of the aisle but they leave a Middle Seat open for the operatives who unite them.

  9. The Justice Democrats get money from the globalist oligarchs. Which is obviously the establishment. Merging of corporate and state is the definition of fascism.

  10. Nothing to add to this since they have made the research about what is happening on the ground. However, nothing happens in a vacuum. Y'all do know that we are run by Global Corp Inc? There are banking conferences in Swiss cities where Republicans and Democrats attend and discuss the situation. That's why Ds and Rs are two cheeks of the same ass.

  11. I've come to the conclusion that everything is a grift in this godforsaken country. The healthcare system, MIC (both military and medical), MSM, education, etc… GOP and the DNC are, at this point, just political fundraising operations that are solely owned by the banksters, corporations, and people with deep pockets who will never represent the majority of the American people. Representative democracy is meaningless when your elected officials don't represent you and are regularly selling you out for their careers. For some time now, the banks and corporations have co-opted our gov't. This was inevitable under unregulated capitalism or when capitalism is the supreme incentive above all else. People need to demand electoral reform and treat these public officials as public servants and not some celebrity who needs to be treated with kid gloves. Having said that, since this is a systemic structure that regularly allows co-optations of any and all progressives, I don't see much possibility of any progressive movements able to deliver what they promise operating within these two traditional parties. Once in public service, these politicians should be banned from joining the private sectors and they should be required to disclose all of their campaign donations, annual review of their performance and there should also be referendums and snap elections when these politicians are obviously lying and are regularly failing to deliver on their promises. When co-optations by big money and corruption are the norm, then it is a sinking ship. I am doubtful that even a few candidates with an incorruptible clear vision and fortitude will be able to do much to change the system.

  12. What effect did bill gates, micro soft Corporation spending $500 millions (over 5, ooo.limit) have on these groups?
    WHY the silence from the left? Are they ALL bought off?
    The interview is quaint, mis -nformed political powerless, consumers.
    The political consulting 'industry was started by Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, was created, formed in 1980. They just got the news of using professional, experienced, knowledgeable, firms to win. Very nice and quaint.

  13. Just more proof these grifters in congress cant even do the basics required to be a politician, must less ideally a public servant. Do they do anything at all without some corporations input?

    I bet Middle Seat actually explains policy to them as well. I can completely see AOC sitting in a room with a moronic "OH Wow!" look on her face while some corpo explains healthcare using powerpoint.

  14. The Lefties that want to let progressive dems to take control are out out their minds. They have been the most authoritarian through out covid1984. Mandates on vaccines that aren't actually immunizations at all.

    The left has lost their fucking minds over a virus. Carlin had all these dummies pegged 30 years ago.

  15. American Political Duopoly is so vacant. Different shades of Neoliberalism debate. But never making impact.
    It's all moving toward profiting for corporations rather than allow people access in decision making.

  16. When the WMD laugher, along with the golden oldie “They Gassed Their own People" followed by “14 intelligence orgs agree, it’s Russia“ Followed by Snowden and the Torture of Julian Assange. It was blatantly evident that the system and the media was Corrupt! Step two isn’t decades of more proof. It’s how to eradicate the cancerous rot they represent!

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