The Coronavirus Lockdown Did Not Work

The studies are in and it appears that the #covid19 #lockdown did little to actually stop the spread of the #coronavirus, at best slowing it, and the death rates in Britain and Sweden have returned to normal levels.

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  1. The lockdowns are doing more harm than good and we all know it. Staying shut in and keeping everything closed won't make the virus go away. We can't keep living like this until the virus is eradicated. We have no choice but to go back to normal and live our lives the best we can regardless of the virus.

  2. When wearing masks becomes a political issue rather than a health one, you end up with people like underwear lady and "devils laws" lady yelling in congress.
    If 90 to 100 pct of people were to wear masks, it would stop the spread entirely imo. Yes, the lockdowns and economic hits to businesses may not have been necessary, but social distancing and masks are. Like you said towards the end. Social distance and not lockdowns was the answer.
    It remains to be seen what the long term effects of Sweden's strategy will be. Just because their death rate has decreased to minimal doesn't mean others should follow their approach.

  3. COVID-19 is just another common cold virus. 100% of people on this planet "catch" 1 to 3 colds per year. Common colds take out several hundred thousand people every year in the United States who are very old and/or very sick. Viruses are so small that the virologists wear a full hazmat suit with an air tank. Nothing else can stop an airborne virus. It is amazing how many supposedly intelligent people do not understand these simple facts.

  4. I have legitimate respiratory issues. My allergies manage to get to me some days despite being on meds for allergies. I bought a P100 respirator so I can actually use it for other purposes once this coronahoax is over. It's actually really good for cleaning with pure Clorox bleach.

  5. What is it with the anti-progressive side that's so against face masks, of all things? They are a part of social distancing and have been proven effective in other pandemics before this one, as far back as the Spanish flu. I get the argument that a full lockdown was not much, if any, more effective than social distancing would have been, but what's so offensive to you about wearing a face mask in public?

  6. Government is here to defend our borders, uphold the law and protect our rights. That is all. They have no right beyond that to tell us what to do. Leave me alone government, I don't need your lies and control.

  7. In May NYC had a surge of Covid hospitalizations. 66% of those patients said they were in lockdown. 50% of them were unemployed or retired.

  8. Nobody with any sense ever expected to eliminate the virus. Politicians know this, hence the constant moving of goalposts and stoking fear in conjunction with the extremist mainstream media.

  9. These lockdowns will be described in future as the single most egregious example of mass hysteria and economic suicide in the history of humanity. And far worse yet there appears to be no emerging groundswell of anger and outrage and demands to hold accountable those politicians and leaders who have destroyed hundreds of millions of lives, hundreds of millions of livelihoods and tens of millions of businesses. Proving yet again how supine and craven and under control are most of our populations in this age!!

  10. The reason you see a spike in deaths between April and May is because their is a sharp delay between people acquiring the virus and deaths from the virus. If you look at the actual infection rate you see a massive decline immediately after the lockdown. A simple Google search (or even a modicum of thought) could have shown you this, and yet you continue to misrepresent data in order to serve your agenda.

  11. Eh I would question as to how much the lock down was actually observed but hey you know I'm sure there was 100% compliance…no wait blm protests massive synbathings on beaches Cheltenham festival

  12. Blame Public
    Blame Europeans
    Blame Scientists

    When do we blame:

    Mixed messaging

    No Preparation

    Delayed lockdown

    it’s breach by Govt Ministers & Advisers without consequence

    Premature relaxation

    The complete absence of a coherent strategy

  13. I certainly think it's true that we can't control a virus outbreak. However, Japan and South Korea both seem to have done an excellent job with their handling of the virus situation. If anything we should be asking them how they did it.

    In general I think it's down to the fact that people in Europe and America didn't take it seriously. While the Japanese and South Koreans did. We shouldn't just be okay with letting people die. What happens when a really deadly and contagious virus comes around? We'll need to prepare. There are things we can do to ease the burden. The "lockdowns" during covid19 were just handled immensely poorly by almost everyone.

  14. Virus control was not the goal. The lock downs did work. Liberty was abandoned by the masses without resistance. Sweden is currently the freest place on Earth.

  15. You must be smoking a lot of crack. UK's death rate hasn't returned to peak. It's been low for weeks now. The articles that you have presented argues that countries that have not been hit hard by COVID-19, shouldn't be locking down because it could cause more harm than good.

    This is different from USA and UK, which decided to wank off in this pandemic and ended up spreading the virus everywhere. Lockdowns definitely worked in these countries. See Italy and Spain as an example. Also see UK right now, whose death graph, similarly to Sweden, had an early peak and is stably low as of today. Similarly, you can look at the America's graph which ended lockdown hastily before they had any logistics to perform aggressive contact tracing and testing. Their cases skyrocketed after that.

    Lockdowns are a last ditch effort when the virus is out of control. That was certainly the case in USA, even right now, and UK.

    In addition, Sweden did more than just being obedient and rely on people to be 'personally responsible' for social distancing. The government FORCED the following onto their people: banned public gathering of more than 50, education moved remote as much as possible, work moved remote as much as possible, forced establishments to ensure social distancing (forced them to shut down if they didn't follow any of these rules). They did this at the start of the pandemic. You know, before the virus spread into the population. The proactiveness of Sweden is the reason why they have curbed the rise of this pandemic. USA and UK should learn from this as both countries seem to be more reactive than proactive.

  16. can someone explain to me the problem with wearing masks for the time being? stop bieng so autistic about fucking masks just wear them even if it helps by 0.01% to reduce the chance of spreading the virus to others or getting it yourself you may as well do it if you can unless you want to end up shitting yourself to death. wearing masks does nothing but help you and your community. i have many friends and family that have bad immune systems because of shitty genetics and stuff outside their control so please stop increasing the chance that they will die for some selfish attempt at "fighting" the government regulation, you are literally helping no-one and are just risking more people shitting themselves to death including yourself

  17. I would suggest the masks to be necessary as we leave the tail end of the outbreak. But boy should these have been mandatory in like fucking March or sooner. Our reaction has been far too slow and pointless

  18. In fairness it was a half arsed lockdown that came too late in the UK. I don't think we can disregard lockdown completely, a well thought out and well timed one would have been more effective and shorter. This being said there's no point crying about needing to stay in lockdown, the damage to the economy could hurt and possible cause the death of many more. As long as we can accommodate the vulnerable to shield, we do need to open up further.

  19. It seems like here in America at least they're trying to drag this out to November to try and make this something they can run against Donald Trump and I don't think it's going to work. And then six months from now we're going to find out that all these lockdowns and masks orders were largely unnecessary and we could have been running things business as usual but just a few social distancing and general hygiene orders in place

  20. Well quite frankly there was a point to flattening the curve. In fact in several countries hospitals were overrun, such as in Italy where they had to implement triage. While I do agree that you can question how effective lockdown measures have been relative to the economic sacrifices that came as a consequence of them, it was the most logical thing to do, at least in the early stages of the pandemic where there are a lot of uncertainties about the threat of the virus (e.g. the risk of your hospitals being overrun etc.).

    As to the reference to the situation in Sweden the total death toll is about 10 times higher (adjusted for population) than in Norway (where I live). Throughout the summer more and more restrictions have been lifted to the point where we right now have about the same effective measures as in Sweden and there has not been a rapid increase in cases and deaths. I believe there are about 8 patients being treated for Covid in the entire country right now in fact. My point is that I highly doubt that we will end up with 10 times the numbers we have now since one restriction after another has been lifted without any significant rises in cases throughout the last couple of months.