The Corporations Are The Government

The corporations are the government. If you didn’t believe it before, believe it now that human rights lawyer Steven Donziger has effectively been sentenced to six months in prison by Chevron itself.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. “ Police State-ing “- Remix Hot Blooded by Foreigner
    Well, we’re Police State-ing , Corporatism you see
    We got a fever of a hundred and three
    We say it’s Covid , So you’re dazed and confused
    We’re Liberty hating , Freedom taking
    You don't have to read our minds , Anyone can see the signs
    Authoritarianism and Tyranny is how we roll
    Lockdowns ‘n Quarantines sound so fine, if you don’t get your jab on time
    We know everything about you , you’ll have nothing, nowhere to go
    Now your time is through, you’re helpless against this fascist point of view
    Just The State and you, We’ll show you Gulags like you never knew
    That's why, We’re Police State-ing , Corporatism you see
    Only the one percent have a future to be
    Come on Sheeple , The Vaccine mandate’s for free
    We’re Police State-ing , We’re Police-State-ing !
    Now it's up to you, to drop a dime on the courageous few
    Before you do, you have to sell your soul to you know who
    Well, We 're Police State-ing, Corporatism you see
    Constitution been burning since nineteen hundred one three
    Come on suckers, still believe in the vote ?
    We 're hot blooded, We're hot blooded
    Police State-ing, DEA’s got a little too high
    Police State-ing, Forfeit your assets we say
    Police State-ing, Don’t give a damn if you die
    Police State-ing,De-platforming Truth is our favorite way

  2. So, can I now do mass citizen arrests of Big oil execs, war criminals, and legalized bribery lobbyists? Maybe no bail because flight risk and all in a secret jail system? (rendition) The mob did not go away, it's psychopathy lives on in DC.

  3. "We are reaching for death at the end of a candle , we are trying for something that has already found us " Jim Morrison American prayer …thank you , we are not free , while the corporation's are running the show .

  4. For years I've been trying to tell self-described "libertarians" that Government simply equals those who have power over you and your life and that this includes corporations (but yes, the oligarchy, the corporatocracy or whatever you want to call them indeed are the Government_ . 10 years ago they all responded with the usual nonsense about choice. But in the last 5 years, particularly in the last 2 or 3 years, many are much more receptive to corporations being the Government. It's just that many are now convinced that people like Bill Gates represent the left wing (insert Picard face palm here).

  5. 😠 Your title IS – and has been for decades – the rule of global law, not just in the • United States of Psychotic Pompeo-Ordained Assassins😡

    What our contemporary Cassandra – ^ Gore Vidal ^ – called the American Empire has had the inevitable black-hole implosion of an updated Greek tragedy.

    And, alas – since their only motive is perpetuating their own evil DARBA-divined existence – this can not, has not and WILL not end until these cowardly sociopaths take the entire earth down with them. 😢

  6. Cait, I'm a writer, and not a young one. I like to think that I'm skilled at using words to convey meaning. On the regular, you compose passages, sentences and essays that make me wish I could write that well and so consistently over time. Thank you.

  7. @5:24 that Fluoride lady is equivalent to American Rappers preaching about something they read from QAnon or Alex Jones, as if they've known it all their lives & the sole possessor of such sacred knowledge.

  8. It's hard to understand if people are ignorant or complacent: maybe we're all just tired.
    To quote Mugatu, "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"
    At least I have you guys…

  9. Yeah corporations are the government and they are the media that is supposed to be adversarial but instead provides a shield to power and yes capitalism tends to abuse but without the free exchange of goods and services we lose all our power.
    Socialism is just a shortcut to totalitarianism. All of these corporatists would love to remove all competition from the marketplace and not be compelled to provide quality goods or services because we, the people, would simply have no other option. That situation would increase their wealth and power exponentially and remove all that is left of ours.

  10. Thank you for bringing The Truth! Corporatism is an insidious planetary disease. A cancer that diminishes us all. Resist the Corporatists within OUR governments! Reclaim for People & Planet! This is our planet. Our world!

  11. "“Obviously the best way to convince conspiracy theorists to trust their institutions is to have an elite cabal of billionaire megacorporations in Silicon Valley coordinate the blanket censorship of their online speech.” – The best line.

  12. Yes imagine if all those soldiers were planting trees, cleaning oceans and toxic sights that are poisoning the people and everything around them, like the one created by Texico/Cheveron in the Ecuadorian Rainforest instead of killing people and throwing those trying to prevent the destruction in prison.
    The sentencing of Steven Donzinger is sign of how sick this society is to allow this to occur. Mainstream Media have a lot to answer for.

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