The Cost of Lockdowns & Vaccine Mandates

November, 2021 in Melbourne, Victoria people began leaving objects on the steps of Parliament. Uniforms from jobs they lost for refusing the jab, programs from loved ones funerals they couldn’t attend because of the lockdowns, kids clothes representing pivotal years robbed from them. Powerful reminders of the human cost of these government policies.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. I was looking for shots of the uniforms… powerful visual of what it's cost so many of us. We're living under the rule of one of the most cruel, vindictive, authoritarian regimes in the western world… it's bloody horrible, but keep on keeping on you legends. They'll get theirs eventually… hopefully.

  2. Know thy enemy… & the massive pay raise they gave themselves… while allowing the sectors that feel they missed out on their share of the convid lolly to price gauge.
    They, local/state/fed governments, are enemies of the Australian people. They need to be regarded & treated as such.

  3. I did see this video back in Nov – & I continue to remain speechless with tears in my eyes each time I watch it.  
    Ironically – Your BEAUTIFUL tribute may very well be used by the Victorian Government one day as part of their curriculum. 
    All Melburnian's will one day, each year, for one minute – stand in silence to acknowledge, respect & honour each & every person affected by Dan's crimes.

  4. I was there in November and December and saw all of these very sad and heartbreaking messages on uniforms, and photos of lost loved ones. I hope Dan gets everything coming to him. He'll need every prayer to live a long life.

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