The Cost of Supporting Lockdowns

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  1. It was obvious that the whole covid thing was just one big hypochondriac overreaction.

    I knew it, my plumber knew it, my neighbours knew it. Infect everyone seemed to know apart from the most important people – MPs, journalists, medical doctors ( Bar a few ) etc – if they had the balls to speak up and raise their voice against the government then perhaps we could have got out of the restrictions sooner and limited the collateral damage. Now look at the state of our country.

  2. As an American, I began despising Piers Morgan when he, on his American TV show, started to arrogantly push gun control on us.

    Given that the American Revolution literally started when British troops attempted gun confiscation (we shot them for it), he was either too stupid, or too arrogant, to realize that the British opinion on American gun control is as welcome as German opinion on Jewish tradition!

  3. Remember Arny's famous "F your freedoms" quote. He's been awfully silent since he literally ate some poor Hispanic families Prius with his monster gas guzzling tank of a Yukon.

  4. Piers is sooooo missing the point if he’s scoffing at comedians reading the papers.MSM are a busted flush.They’re clear propaganda and they think the average man or woman in the street is an idiot too stupid to see it.They really think we can’t see what they’re doing with fact checking?(Its called the case for the prosecution,no case for the defence presented though)
    Comedians have taken up the role of court jester,using humour to point out the elephant in the room,mocking hypocrisy and ironies.Whether they’re right or wrong e.g.rogan and brand,politically very different,present facts and points of view from all sides.

  5. Why can't people just admit they got it wrong? I confess I supported the first lockdown and thought it was the right thing to do then. Of course by the time the second one came, I had changed my opinion. I never supported the mandates though.

  6. Oh! Come on, you're not even trying to ask or answer pose difficult questions anymore.

    No they learnt nothing, and it doesn't matter how many repeats we have, they will never learn.

  7. TalkRadio "the home of common sense". Saturday. Trisha and woke trans-woman guest agree about everything. Trisha talks about her trans kid. Today. The lunchtime guy 'debunks' Davos conspiracy theories while posing as some kind of anti-globalist. The other day. Mike Graham patronises very reasonable man who simply questions WEF intentions and influence. GATEKEEPERS.

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