The cover-up in Ukraine is getting worse | Redacted with Clayton Morris

U.S. Congress continues to funnel money and weapons to the Azov Regiment, a neo-nazi-run paramilitary in Ukraine. This is not some fringe group but rather a major part of Ukraine’s military.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. Турецкий историк Мехмет Перинчек:

    ✔️ Могу с уверенностью заявить: не начни Россия спецоперацию на Украине – произошел бы более серьезный вооруженный конфликт, разрушений и жертв среди мирного населения украинских городов было бы в разы больше.
    ✔️ Киев хотел использовать эти районы как плацдарм против России. В этом случае пострадали бы не только украинские, но и многие российские города, расположенные вблизи границы с Украиной. Они превратились бы в руины.
    ✔️ Я посетил Мариуполь, Бердянск, Донецк и Мелитополь. Местные жители рассказывают страшные вещи о действиях неонацистов, об "азовцах", которые использовали их как живой щит. Неонацисты разбомбили дома гражданских людей, чтобы свалить вину на русских, обвинить в убийстве детей именно российскую армию. Многие рассказывают, что удары по Мариуполю наносились еще до того, как в город вошли русские солдаты.
    ✔️ Сегодня жизнь в Мариуполе постепенно восстанавливается. Дети, старики имеют возможность спокойно гулять по улицам города. Самое главное, что я смог понять, – это то, что практически все жители Донбасса не желают связывать свое будущее с Киевом, тогда как западные СМИ пишут обратное.

    ✔️ Это напоминает события в Иране и Ираке. Разговоры о некоем оружии массового уничтожения в этих странах в итоге оказались не более чем фальсификацией. Сегодня практически то же самое происходит на Украине. В Запорожье мы побывали на местной АЭС. Если бы то, что пишут западные СМИ – якобы там имеется мощная радиация, – было правдой, то мы давно бы умерли. Станция работала в штатном режиме. Российские силы даже не сменили местное руководство объекта.

  2. To many of us, particularly those of us who come from the younger generation, when it comes to world politics it's difficult to tell what's real and what's not, what's the truth and what are lies.
    This problem is a multi facetted one and can present great difficulties when trying to navigate your way through it all in a genuine attempt at finding the truth or at least any version of it.
    Not an easy task.

    I've have lived my entire life in a place that has dealt with conflict, a conflict that has stretched out for over 800 years..


    I have lost loved ones as a result of war and have witnessed many aspects of it, none of which are good.

    My advice for those who wish to seek out the truth is this: always look at history.

    History is replete with patterns and rhythms that you will find in all wars anywhere at any time.
    Read as many books as u can about the history of war and of wars, for war has shaped our existence like nothing else.
    Look at the wars and conflicts that are happening right now in the world (there's currently about 40 ongoing) study their history from as many different viewpoints as possible.
    Never just take 'one sides' account as the absolute truth, particularly that from a state view.
    Seek out the opposing view.
    Read about the history of each nation u are looking at and I can assure u, those questions of where the truth lies will slowly reveal themselves to u.
    As patterns.
    They're there in plain view.
    Because at the end of the day, despite the vast distances between each war in both time and space we are all human, and humans do human things.
    Once u begin to see those patterns it becomes easier to read between the lines, easier to see what's really going on because you've 'seen it all before'.
    Your inbuilt ability to Compartmentalise is your ally here.

    I am not some guru nor do I claim to have all the answers but this method has served me well my entire life.
    I have been involved in our peace process here in Ireland for the past two decades so not only have I bore witness to war I am actively involved in preventing it.
    It's safe to say I've learned a thing or two over the years so give this method a go.
    It'll take time obviously but that depends on how interested you really are in seeking out the answers to ur questions.
    Theyre always staring us in the face.
    We just got to open our eyes to see them..

    And remember..
    Other people are not your enemy.

    Ignorance is.


    Greetings from rainy Ireland ✌️

  3. Just subscribed! This is my new favorite channel. Natal and Clayton Morris are on the same wavelength as I am on the Russia / Ukraine conflict. This channel is a breath of fresh air in a world full of male bovine manure. 👍

  4. There are plenty such battalions in Ukraine, not only Azov. Russia has the same armed forces that have been fighting on behalf of DPR. The head of 'Rusich', – who killed a puppy and filmed it, who has a lot of nazi photos and nazi signs on his uniform , – was awarded by officials of DPR

  5. bro i just found your channel when some1 in the other videos that i watched suggested your channel that seek truth abouth what is really happening in ukraine-russia war. Thank you for giving us the real information

  6. Is this why in US neo nazism is growing by the day!?? I recall KKK should be denounced as a terrorist organisation.. yet only BlackLivesMatter came about..more feckless trite. Thanks to Russia, its opened my eyes to UK being a concentration camp..never mind US// it's gonna go POP POP POP and people need no acquiesce.. STOP PAYING YOUR TAXES..STOP SENDING YOUR KIDS INTO THEIR ABDUCTION AGENCIES OF MISEDUCATION AND STOP USING BANKS

  7. Ukraine actual situation is very complex, there's a deep misunderstanding about West Ukrainian population due to propaganda, Azov Regiment being the tip of the iceberg, as well as Ukrainian oligarchs on the financial side…
    US, NATO and EU wanted that war, that's why they try to escalate instead unifying Diplomatic forces to create peace conditions.

    Wafen SS destroyed a village in France nearby my hometown, Oradour-sur-Glane, it was absolutely horrible, so for us Wafen SS and nazis are monsters.
    Wafen SS liberated Ukraine from USSR, so for Ukrainians Wafen SS and nazis are liberators.
    And THIS is essential to understand Ukraine and Ukrainians, they have a different history and cultural background.

  8. The truth is like it or not the AZOV Batalion are one of the only reasons Ukraine isn't already defeated by Russia but don't worry your hatred for these people will soon be appease as Russia will kill them all…..Happy? …. oh and by this reporters own admission he is blaming as off for things that Ukrainian intelligence did and stating there is no evidence of them being terrorists or auntie us or ever harming a US citizen just because other people in Ukraine have doesn't mean that they have so why blame them for the offenses of others they have no control over or are subordinate to? oh yeah cuz of that Nazi label that you've stuck on them except their Commander in Chief is Jewish they have Jewish members and from one documentary I saw even a bunch of gay ones…… yeah that's right you heard correct some of them dudes is gay so what's up with the Nazi label I thought Nazis were anti-gay anti-jewish these Nazis seem to be Pro gay pro-jewish

    Why they want to destroy the other world?
    Everyone want to live there life's, let's respect the right to life of others please 😢

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