The “Coyote” Meltdown

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  1. This just confirms how out of touch these virtueless virtue signaled are. You can't be fucking serious and not know what a coyote is and make comment. These people have never endured an actual hardship I there lives.

  2. Let's review how we got here, shall we?
    Affirmative action + new agey fed bs of feelings are more important than facts + common core removal of social studies and civics + common core indoctrinating(brainwashing) students and parents to not critically think, but to only follow directions that have been "officiated" by "officials" that support Obama + an extremely inflated sense of self-worth and purpose through "educators" who favored the dumb and passed them unfairly to the next grade(hurr durr no child left behind durr hurr), but did not teach them how to think critically + mockingbird msm gaslighting the low information voters + cape movies going political and allowing these low information voters to see themselves in the "heroes" + Obama setting fire to any semblance of the balance between race relations when he said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."
    I was pretty thorough, but if you're intelligent and see anything I missed, feel free to add on.

    No comments from dumdums, thank you.

  3. I thought that this video was about vegans and animal rights activists (SJW) that were triggered, because they call those cartel criminals with animal names… but this is still funny.

  4. Just imagine when they learn of the RAPE TREES. full of the underwear of all their rape victims both kids and adults. never knowing if they were killed, left to die in the desert, thrown right in sex rings or actually brought across

  5. So Mexican people who also call those criminals Coyotes and the criminals themselves who call themselves Coyotes, are xenophobic to themselves?????????????????????????????

    Someone please answer

  6. They don't know this important term as it applies to the crime, and yet they are expected to understand that these children were abandoned by CRIMINALS POSING AS THEIR PARENTS, just to enter the United States!!!!??? I think Republicans are expecting way too much from these idiot Democrats!!!! This term is nothing new!!! I knew this term in the 1960's when I was a child!!

  7. I heard that state representative tried to buy the Mona Lisa with an essay she wrote in high school. Someone had to sit her down and tell her that it's worth millions of dollars, not "a thousand words".

  8. 1:47
    "Imagine calling the illegal immigrant parents that bring over their children to the united state for a better life "Cayotes".

    "Imagine calling the parents that makes money for their children
    by stealing as "thieves".

    Same vibes, same sh*t that violate the laws, and there's a reason why such law existed in the first place….

  9. Did they actually think that people were being brought in on Coyotes? blue checks are retards and are not in touch with reality. Willing to bet that they deleted their tweet

  10. The COYOTE in the thumbnail picture is HILARIOUS!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, Trump just needed to say that the coyote will be passing while eating a taco and kill it! HAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. And I'm a Mexican living and Mexico, so don't come telling me shit that I'm racist and crap. I'm allowed to criticize my own people.

  11. This is so stupid that it actually pisses me off. Why didn’t these people just look up the term “coyote” on a dictionary website, or something, rather than just assuming it’s the fucking animal?

  12. Coyotes don’t come through illegally though, they’re the ones who organize the trafficking. They don’t need children to pretend to come here, they have various ways of doing so.

  13. This is like when Trump said "applying disinfectant directly to the lungs can do a number on covid" and everyone with TDS said "He wants us to drink bleach to cure covid!"

  14. Here in american southwest we know what coyotes are, both types two & four legged.
    Very dangerous people. They smuggle people and drugs, and have murdered a number of Americans…