The CRASH Is Here. WORLD Banks Warn Of Major BIDEN Recession Due To Inflation.


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  1. Any way the leftist libtards want to spin things… our nation had none of these problems while DJT was in office. OK, you didn't like him as a person because he said mean things on twitter but are you truly glad of voting (not really) him out and bringing this disaster upon us? My little bit of savings is long gone and I'm too old to get out and try to subsidize my income. . I had to do without my medicines for 2 weeks last month because I didn't have the money until the end of the month but I see where our tax dollars are paying $30,000 a month to make sure Hunter Biden has a nice beach front property in California to live. Reminds me of when I saw Russian people lining up at the bakery at 4:00 am to have a chance to maybe buy a loaf of bread while the Communist Comrade Elites had 4-6 different palatial estates to choose from at their whim. Fu*k you Biden and all your cronies for putting us in this shape.

  2. Anyone who didn't see this coming is blind,ignorant or both.
    It was planned.
    Biden's great reset. (Aka Bernie Sanders Marxist Manifesto)
    Kept referring to FDR .
    Trying to follow his questionable possible illegal tactics. To take power away from the people and into government.
    Big issue is FDR was trying to get us out of a depression, not put us into one.
    Biden's and democrats only achievement.
    Obama started the roll. Ranking top 5 in debt ratio in U.S. history.
    That includes civil war and 2 world wars.
    Don't forget, last 2 years of last administration was democrat led Congress in both houses.
    Now with controlling power in 2 branches of government they want the 3rd. Eliminating the very basis of our constitution and government. Checks and balances.
    Manufacturing one crisis after another to exploit executive privilege.
    Crises that have gotten out of control, where we as a country don't fair well with a cognitively impaired puppet as a president and a democrat majority
    that carries more criminal baggage
    Than Al Capone or Mafia.

  3. This the world civilization is in its final years and it is going to collapse sooner or later regardless that said much of the decline is induced but that is news to no one. At the earliest I would say mid decade but will likely extend into the late 2020s or the early 2030s then it is back to the pre electronics age at least for several generations for things to stabilize.

  4. No one in this country believes anything the Democrats do or say they are done this is the end of the Democrat Party be a Democrat is just like being a Nazi means the same thing to the people of the United States of America same people same Playbook

  5. If our economy does crumble under the weight of inflation and tailspins into an undeniable recession, I don't want to see any more diehards still trying to defend this clown in the WH.

  6. Democrat voters still saying "This is fine " in their burning home while their children are engulfed in flames breathing fire like dragons. Now instead of blaming Russia, they are now reverting to it's orange man and the pandemics fault, nevermind the 100 executive orders Biden signed day 1 reversing all of Trumps working policies from American energy to American borders to prescription drugs cost reduction etc. None of that had anything to do with it even though inflation and energy costs exploded literally the very next day once Joe Biden waged war on everything American and gut all control over energy and American self sufficiency! The lower and middle class got the worst tax hikes in history under Biden which is what inflation and rising energy cost essentially is! But tax the rich right? Heh what a sick joke! At this point im ready to start dishing out punches to every Biden voter cuz they deserve to be socked in their pussy faces!

  7. Did you see how Nancy Pelosi got covid and when those goons of her saying the people who she came in contact with doesn’t need to be isolated because she was at safe distance, yet there are video and PHOTOS of that Puta touching, and even kissing people like obamas hand and Bidens face…. That’s what y’all need to wake up to…. These rules that they make was just for them to control all of us,
    This reminds me of the Star Trek TNG episode when the cardasians were torchering picard by convincing him there was 5 lights when in fact there was only 4… This economic shut down is to flex that we will be accepting of their power over us… we need to change this, and we need to do it quick… we’re about to cross the threshold of point of no return….

  8. 38% in the next 2 years??? Isn't that like the weather man saying there's a 33% chance of sunshine, a 33% of rain, or a 33% chance of cloudy skies in the next week?!!! If this irregularly installed and undemocratically voted for administration continues, I'd say there's a 90% chance we'll hit a recession by the end of the year.

  9. This 👏 was 👏 the 👏 plan 👏 all 👏 along.

    Destruction of a growing U.S. economy through terrible federal policies and malicious local and state overreach. Brought to you primarily by Democrats.

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