The Craziest Things You Can Do With Nuclear Weapons

Do you have a giant stockpile of world ending nuclear warheads and want some good PR to suggest they’re not only useful for destroying cities? Here’s crazy 10 things you can do with nuclear weapons that you might not have heard of.

For education purposes only, do not try this at home.

Thanks to ‘Martin “Doomsday” Pfeiffer (⧖) 🏳️‍🌈 / @NuclearAnthro’ for reminding me of a bunch of these.


Written by Scott Manley


  1. When the only tool you have is a hammer, suddenly everything looks like a nail. When the only tool you have is a hydrogen bomb, everything begins to look like it needs a massive hole blasted in it

  2. Even crazier than high altitude tests… Some of them continued through the 'Cuban' Missile Crisis even though everybody was on edge whether either side is launching anything first.

  3. Hope someone reads this. Just as you can use mortar illumination rounds for photography purposes here on earth. Equipping spacecraft with nukes for shining light on otherwise dark corners of some celestial bodies can really mean difference. New horizons, Pluto. other missions as well.

  4. I'm kinda surprised and disappointed that none of these were in any of the Fallout games. At the start of the video I figured at least one wouldve been done in that world.

  5. I would be willing to bet the core geometry was a floating hollow pit. Probably the last of this series of core. A lot of times Teller made fizzles or in this case with the core not effected by surrounding detonation to reach critical mass no matter how roughly it was handled in transit. You can just picture how this detonation occured on a single ignition source. As the wave front of the detonation reached the suspended hollow pit the wave front timing though the seeming vacuum around the pit was large enough distance to blend the arrival time on one side of the cavity around the pit so that while it never reached the pit exactly as a wave front perfectly spherical it pushed in the side of the hollow pit a nanosecond before the compression reached the far side of the pit. A nanosecond is quite a bit of time in this detonation front so the calculation was it would smear out the compression wave. But the calculation hadn't been carried through to the inside of the hollow pit which almost reached the center simultaneously. Almost. Sort of like Ivy Mike, what do you mean tritium is generated during the detonation, ya'll kinna make that much in the time available.

  6. Nuking Mars would probably not work on account of being too weak in energy. A one kilometer asteroid at orbital speed releases as much energy as a million Tzar Bombas at 100 Megatonnes each…

  7. 15:18 – "Fantastic idea! I love where are you going with this." ??? Are you F-crazy like Musk? Please, please no talks of terraformation of ANYTHING! Enough!

  8. Isn't one of Mars' moons going to impact its surface eventually? Phobos is supposed to crash into Mars in 30-50 million years or so. Maybe that will do the trick.

  9. If I was in charge of mars terra forming. The nukes would be used to get the core spinning. Then of course you drop astroids containing the water, oxygen, and nitrogen you need. With the end result of a livable planet in perhaps a decade.