The Cringe Fringe Comes for Teddy Roosevelt, Statue to be Removed in NYC

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  1. Teddy was the first President to invite a black person to dinner at the WH. Booker T. Washington. He was hated for that.

  2. Seems to me the Dems are at war with meritocracy… Everyone with any kind of ability to actually achieve something in live is demonized. Would not be surprised if their reasoning was : YOU being really good at something means somebody else is worse of… The great equalizer has to step in and cut off your hand so YOU stop oppressing him…

  3. Shall we ask China and Mongolia to remove their Mao and Genghis Khan statues, seeing as they killed tens of millions each. I'm sure they'd understand.

  4. No one that I listen to, news, talk shows, podcasts etc, has made mention of the fact that the statutes that were torn down were the same figures seen on Mount Rushmore. Jefferson went, then Washington, then Teddy Roosevelt, now talk of targeting Lincoln is making the news. Took me a bit to figure out why they would do that. Then I realized. If everyone lets those figures be torn down without protest- what’s next? The saying that which society permits today, it will embrace tomorrow. The Overton window is targeting Mount Rushmore itself. If America will allow Mount Rushmore to be destroyed, it will be a supreme symbolic victory, and the end of our republic. This ain’t BLM. But it was used to get the communists through the door. The Trojan horse has been deployed. The long deception is upon us. This IS the final battle. Ragnarok.

  5. it wont stop because they eat their own , the group making up the removal lists today will be removed in a month and a new group will write a new list of things that group hates then they get removed and a new list is written in the end they will start to remove things that had replaced things old groups removed . its a non ending fuck fest of morons .

  6. None of the wing nuts are listening to you… and half the country is coddling BLM because of 24/7 MSM propaganda telling them it's all a normal response to Racism (Straw-man)… Trump needs to take down whomever is controlling the Mass Media… I believe that would be key to stopping the insanity that is being instigated and perpetrated by media… yep and Amen.

  7. You seem pretty good at You Tubin' … I think your sub count would quickly double (including me) if ya would change yer handle…
    you could maybe shortin' it to Hammer### (anything but MOTB)

  8. Judging past civilizations by our modern standards is insane , should we erase and ignore the achievements of great civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans because they kept slaves? of course not we owe them a great deal , we look back and see things we wont emulate but we dont condemn them and erase them. These leftists need to learn how to forgive , dont they realize that if they had been born in WW2 Germany theres a super high chance they would of been cheering for Mr H…..

  9. Roosevelt supported the women's movement…POLICE REFORM THAT SAVED NEW YORK. And yes…saved the structure of our military…plus Robin Williams…

  10. “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    from Orwell's 1984

  11. In Philadelphia the BLM terrorists tore down the statue of Matthias Baldwin, slavery abolotionist who contributed out of his own money to educate freed slaves, and argued they should be able to vote.
    This obviously isn't about confederates or slave owners. Its about these limp wristed leftists wanting to be the ones deciding who gets a statue and for what (rewriting history), because their achievements would never warrant one.
    In fact, there's an idea: I demand a statue of Joe Biden…
    …sniffing a terrified girl's hair and creepily squeezing her shoulders.

  12. That gesture capitalized on diplomatic trouble that had resulted from anti-Japanese riots in San Francisco. Those problems had been resolved by the Gentlemen's Agreement of 1907 and the fleet visit was a friendly gesture to Japan. The Japanese welcomed it.[9] Roosevelt saw the deployment as one that would encourage patriotism, and give the impression that he would teach Japan "a lesson in polite behavior", as historian Robert A. Hart phrased it.[10] After the fleet had crossed the Pacific, Japanese statesmen realized that the balance of power in the East had changed since the Root–Takahira Agreement that defined relevant spheres of interest of the United States and Japan.[7]
    Dude literally sent the US Navy around the world to flex at our new power. If that isn't American I don't know what is, and if that's a bad virtue to have, I wouldn't wanna have any others.

  13. load that whole state onto some of them contaminated cruise ships they got there let it float out in the ocean and have the military take target practice on them assclowns !! lol ?