The Cringe Fringe Left Going After Christianity is a Massive Mistake

Black and Hispanic voters are far more religious than white ones.

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  1. I have listened to you for nearly a year and l do like your view point. Then today l heard you say with s much strength that "Jesus was NOT BLACK" Wh wasn't Roman and there were not other people there 2000 year ago of course he was an African use your intelligence chronologically and then get back to me.. A clue, Where did Jesus flee as a child to fit in ?? Man the Levant is what it is today not what it was 2000 years ago come on man

  2. As an Atheist, i still care about Christianity, as it is the religion upon which the western world stands. These far leftists want to destroy the western world. That's why they are destroying the concept of family, femininity, masculinity, white people, the founding fathers, and the religion that is at the foundation of the west. It's obvious when you pay attention.

  3. Recently polled, hispanics are actually less likely to say they believe in God than w or b people. B people are the most likely to believe in God, w people come in second.

  4. No i think they are right with removing white Jesus from all public tax payer buildings, if you gonna start to correct, correct everything, religion is a control mechanism, Jesus was from the African continent

  5. Christianity plays a huge part in the reason why the West is so anti slavery and pro human rights. The reason why the West is such an anomaly compared to the rest of the world.

  6. re. Roosevelt.
    There is a photo taken in NYC in 1865 during the funeral of Lincoln. Taken from high up looking down, with multi-story buildings.
    The location was determined. Someone figured out that ole Teddy was 6 years old and knew that Teddy years later commented that he witnessed the Lincoln funeral.
    He researched where EXACTLY Teddy lived at that time. And in the photo you can see a young child looking out a window, must be a young Teddy.–theodore-roosevelt-nd-floor.jpg
    and "FOR NOW" these two are next to each other on Mt. Rushmore.

  7. fun fact – muhammed was ALSO of white complexion, it says so in the arabic qur'an over a hundred times … if muhammed was white, im willing to bet our guy jesus was

  8. The appearance of Jesus. For all we know he could have looked like bin Laden. But he for sure didnt look like Jeffery Hunter. But it isn't important what he looked like. It's what he said.