The Critical Need for Independent Media | Glenn Greenwald

Includes an introduction by Tom Woods. Recorded in Lake Jackson, Texas, on December 4, 2021.

Ron Paul’s two campaigns for president (2008 and 2012) were watershed moments for liberty-minded people around the world. The “Ron Paul Revolution”—centered around his undiluted message of peace, property, and markets—changed the way millions thought about the American empire and the American financial system. Dr. Paul’s focus on central banking and foreign policy caught politicians and pundits off guard, forcing them to scramble for explanations of our Middle East policy and Soviet-style central planning at the Fed. Politics in America has not been the same since the “Giuliani moment” and “End the Fed.” The Ron Paul Revolution was both a political and cultural phenomenon.

0:00 Introduction by Tom Woods
4:27 Glenn Greenwald

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  1. What really convinced me there's a problem is when for a whole year they denied rioting, & are now blaming 'right-wingers' for the 200-300% spike in crime in lefty cities. Now they're defaming rittenhouse after trying to dox jurors. They're hush-hush about the smollet case after defending & covering up his blatant lies.
    Screw these people.

  2. Big tech is the main thing that got me to see overtime that IP and patent law has been a great disaster in the development and growth of technology in the prominence of Big Brother systems, rather being at all a preserver or protector of technologies. The only thing IP law has effectively done is make negative restrictions, what actually prevents the emergence of tech competitors, a status quo.

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