The Crowd WENT SILENT As First Place Was Announced… People Are Starting To REVOLT.


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  1. Create transgender teams. Also if Lia truly wanted to be a woman, where are the breast implants based on muscular body structure? This might have an effect on swimming ability. But Right now, Lia appears as a male wearing a female bathing suit.

  2. If your friends disown you for speaking out against this weirdo lia thomas, then they were never your friends. Get a clue, stand up.

  3. Lefties should answer the question, "why are sports separated into male and female categories?" It can't be " locker room issues" because it's not impossible to have two different locker rooms. Because there would be no women in sports without septate categories!! This is how stupid it all is

  4. Alot of people who side with the trans kid, have never competed for anything in their lives and don't know what it's like to lose to someone's unfair advantage. Maybe if they themselves competed for years and worked hard for something, just to have it taken from them because a very vocal minority. Maybe they might understand and think differently. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make you transphobic. The description itself doesn't make sense, no one is scared of trans people. There are rules and they are followed for a reason. Bullying a group of people who make those rules into submission messes with the natural order of things and fairness and it doesn't make you "transphobic" for having your own ideas and beliefs just because it goes against the grain of that small group.

  5. It's funny because the majority of the left are women and they are allowing it. It's like setting an oil fire and only trying to stop it once it's out of control. They made their bed and have to lay in it.

  6. This is just a result of the success of the 4th wave feminist movement

    The feminists have made it so miserable and unviable to be a man in western society, that men decided to call themselves women to make lives easier for themselves… can't blame them really…

    blame the insanity which is 4th wave feminism

  7. I don't see how this boy's parents let him do this? If he wants to wear a dress that's his prerogative, but competing against weaker swimmers doesn't make you a winner.

  8. I’m not so sure that the male swimmer who thinks he’s a woman is more responsible of this nonsense. the people that allowed him to compete against women they are more responsible. This guy is just confused and wacked! the people that allowed him to compete against women is just more of a travesty and bazaar !

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