The culling of culture

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. It's to try to protect the environment around the snowy mountains, as it supports a unique ecosystem that has species of possums , frog's, specialized endemic gumtree's and some beautiful flora that only lives in this tiny part of Australia. Horses ( BRUMBIES ARE HORSES ) are an introduced species weighing in the hundreds of kilo's, they are hard hoofed so during their travels they destroy a lot of the grasses, silt and mud turn the vital small creeks to slosh thus making breeding of any aquatic species ( even living ) almost impossible.
    Horses by nature when eating / grazing pull the tuft's of grass out so that the top soil is exposed causing degradation and erosion. To me and i hope to any one who cares without a vested interest ( AKA BRUMBY TOUR / HORSE RIDE OPERATORS ) it's a no brainer. The horses simply have to go. The sooner the better, i dont like Dan Andrews he is a low life criminal, a treacherous scmbag but the science is in , selfish humans ( similair to wanting feral cats being allowed to decimate defenceless native species ) are as big a problem as the poor Brumby . Some truth bars right there

  2. Sorry you lost me with this one. It's introduced horses which can be found anywhere that are wiping out Australian native species that only exist in that park.

  3. These idiots will continue with other animals too. Until there are only Bugs left to eat and animals live in Zoos. What do they really want: chaos, uproar, civil war….. The elites agreed on less people and more Power for themselves to Control the peseants.

  4. All the unrighteous and ungodly leaders in power across this country and the entire earth will be punished for every single act of unlawfulness they have committed. ;)J

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