The Day Reddit Won, WallStreetBets NUKES Hedge Funds From Orbit, The EPIC GameStop Stock Saga

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A rant discussing how reddit’s r/WallStreetBets NUKED Hedge Funds from orbit costing them more than 90 BILLION dollars in losses while the little guy got RICH. #GameStop #amcstock #wallstreetbets


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


  1. The best part is the Legacy Media jumped straight in to defend the billionaire leeches by going on about how this was just a remnant of muh far right white nationalism on Reddit. Yeah. Reddit. Far right. Fucking lel. And then you have bootlickers saying this is market manipulatiuon and illegal. So basically you think the rch people should be able to do what the poor can't. Gotcha.
    No more bails outs except for SMEs dammit.

  2. They didn't buy moer stock than existed, they "borrowed" all the freefloat and then some. So they grabbed everything not in private hands and then borrowed more from someone/institution that already owned shares. This meant the share price would only go up when people buy muh gamespot stonks. Wallstreetbet saw this and shafted a 2.7 billion USD Hedge Fund. Delicious. Although someone is going to be left holding the baby so be damn careful about how much you put into joining the revolution. Only invest what you can afford to lose and all that jazz.

  3. A short requires two parties to agree on the contract, so shorting stocks isn't a bad thing. Anyone can do it. Gamestop will just go back to where it was, it is an artificial price increase. They will just short it again.

  4. In general I really dislike reddit for being the cancerous fucking left wing echo chamber that it just fucking is, but in this case, for once, they have actually done something good. Nice move!

  5. Everyone who sees this go to reddit wallstreet bets and read their PSA there is some disifnfo being spread shorts have no expiration date if the squeeze doesn't happen Friday hold and keeps buying till they have no choice but to pay same with AMC and BB

  6. The real reason of why theres excessive negative propaganda of Gamestop for all few years are now make sense,
    they did planning & manipulating public opinions to grind GME toward bankruptcy by excessively shorting it.

  7. Annnd the new socialist authoritarian party will bail them out. Congratulations America, you sheeple are getting exactly what you deserve but keep drinking that kool-aid, I’m sure it will all turn out well for the average American.