The Days Of Our Chairman. IBAC, Dan Andrews.

A special request from one of my awesome subscribers! The Days Of Our Lives soap opera fits The Chairman’s long and shady career like a glove. Red Shirts rort, Rampant Branch Stacking, Cedar Meats, no breath test at the scene of an accident, Quarantine disaster. Any one of these ‘indiscretions’ would have sunk any other politician. Have I left anything out? Please leave a comment.

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Written by Danger Dan


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  1. Still the best country in world, regardless of people's negativity. And if you were to believe what people are saying about our police force, you would think that they are just walking around terrorising the general public. Let's see who people will first contact where there is trouble.

  2. My friend (Peter Spann) took the jab, complained a few days later on FB how he was suffering the most terrible headaches he had ever experienced and regretted ever taking the AstraZeneca jab !!!! guess what !!!!! a few days later he was dead…that was June 07 2021 (he was 55 yrs old) No one ever speaks up for the dead or those who will be suffering the side effects for the rest of their life. The Govt could at least pay for a persons funeral expense, bastards.

  3. Chairman Dan, the Dunny Man…..that’ll look good on his…, as no one has carried so much shit so far as he has, and weekly at that….he just keeps coming up with more and more. It’s all over his shoulder and running down his back, he kicks it off his boots, and sometimes slips a bit in his pockets, ready for after work pleasure. There is just no end to the shit of it all. He’s always looking for more opportunities to put it out there so he and his friends can PARTY in it. He’s invited his friend Ji Ji over for some joy, but he can’t cum, as he’s already in the shit. !!

  4. A deranged and terrorist that has turned Victoria into a Eastern Block Nation . The Governor must dissolve this Government and the people set free and elect a Government that serves the people not themselves .

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