The Deeply Troubling FTX Facts and ‘Coincidences’

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  1. Hi Chris – long time viewer here, and crpto investor since '19. I'm proud to say that I never touched anything to do with this guy because I caught a whiff of something I didn't like back at the start of things. I do know people have lost fortunes through what's happened. Thanks for your report – best I've heard. Keep going.

  2. F the US government and their attempt to 'regulate' and investigate crypto. It's just the desire to monopolize your money and assets. This was a Ponzi scheme that got DNC blessing because it was benefiting them.

  3. Caroline Ellison is the daughter of Gary Genslers former boss. The connections / ties to all these Democrat selected characters is not coincidence. This is pure evil corruption.

  4. Can you please inform the audience that there was not a single inch of failure of crypto in this. It was the failure of a centralized exchange doing non-transparent things with client funds, which actually is the complete opposite of what is happening on a blockchain. FTX represents the traditional non-decentralized finance part of the crypto space, but it is not decentralized finance, defi. This centralized finance institutions are co-opting the term crypto (which has been co-opted by the crypto people from the cryptography people, but that's another story).

  5. Fried by the Banks, SBF, was also the CEO of Alameda Research. Initially, he (his team etc, employees etc) would use Alameda to drive up the price of shicoins, where their price was ""determined"" (since the price of many digital tokens is zero) and then, savy SBF, would sell them in FTX with a profit, once those coins HAD value. That was one of the scams going on. There where more scams it seems, of which I'm not suprised. There's also a "Run of the Bank" tactics used against them. Fair play i suppose. Yep…this was someone's " printing" laundering operation for "political donations". My oh my! The amount of death penaltys if this shit show was in China would be EPIC!

  6. I feel like something big is coming, that even they cant control. So they are going apeshit scheming, stealing and laundering money from all sources and by all means including this FTX and the Ukraine "support". My spidey senses tell me they are lining their pockets to buy land, physical assets like art, and precious minerals like gold and silver, before whatever is coming hits the rest of us. Then when all our investments, savings and retirement funds are worthless, we will kill each other through crime, riots, lootings, etc. Months later, they will offer a resetandthe desperate survivors will go along just for security sake.

  7. Thanks for this Chris…Corruption is now no longer a fault in the system…but a feature! The university studies that showed less than 5% of legislation going through congress fitting in with what were the desires of the American people writ large, but 95% corresponding with corporate donors' objectives, tells you all you need to know! Time for the torches and pitchforks!

  8. Corruption has been around since the beginning of time they used to just be better at hiding it because there used to be a thing called morals and shame that they used to deal with now that that's totally gone they're just in your face with it

  9. Dressed like a bum, unbathed, no board of directors, no CFO, poor answers to questions in interviews, played video games during interviews and meetings, based in the Bahamas…. IF ONLY there were signs!!

  10. Corruption is second nature for a "market based" economy.
    The american economy is 100% ponzi scheme!

    Correction to the "Market" concept: None of the essential commodities should be "Traded", Period!

    When the "market" starts to get creative with "financial products" you should know a new line item in corruption revenue has been added.

  11. I watched this guy in the very early days of cor ona. Very good info and was very pro covid measures to avoid the spread. Then as it came to my country I had my own issues to deal with and eventually needed a break from all the info and data.. now I watch him and he seems to have back flipped on his position. When and why did this happen?

  12. Chris you say Covid is endemic, I wonder what your thoughts are on Geert Vanden Boosche's predictions about immune escape??? You've interviewed him before, so I wonder if you think he's wrong when you say it's already endemic.

  13. It must be admitted, however, that the operation of FTX, with its tokens, looks disturbingly like a compendium of the banking system and fiat currencies:
    1) FTX adds tokens in circulation arbitrarily, just like a bank adds euros or dollars,
    2) FTX takes the assets of its clients, multiply them with leverage, and play them in the casino, just like a bank,
    3) When FTX loses its casino bets, it goes bankrupt and its customers lose all their assets, just like a bank,
    4) FTX served as a transit base for kickback on military aid paid to Ukraine by the USA, just like a bank,
    5) FTX mixes the activities of depository banking with the speculative activities of an investment bank, just like a bank,
    6) The assets of FTX customers have not been protected by Binance, just as the assets of bank customers are hardly protected by the FDIC which has an almost empty guarantee fund,
    7) And the icing on the cake, FTX finances political parties and bribes major political decision makers to avoid any legal action, just like a bank.

    Finally Sam Bankman-Fried did not invent anything at all. He is a mediocre plagiarist.

  14. A system of Currency LOL , always realized in the end to spend bitcoin you have to convert it back to USD. Kenneth Griffin inferring in the Bloomberg conference in asia, evil democrats looked the other way due to political contributions. In same sentence Ken Griffin said " No one should be permitted to buy an election, and one sentence later he informs he gave a 50 million political contribution to Desantis. A true hippocrite. Lobbyists (bribes) have captured government on all levels.

  15. It's shocking seeing the faces of all those top FTX leadership. They look like literal kids, and so unapologetically clueless and unqualified. Do any of them have any idea the damage they've inflicted. I have to wonder if it's pure arrogance and nepotism or it they were used as pawns.

  16. The price of BTC declined over 15% and even trade below 16k. Binance opted out to bailFTX, resulting in an increase in selling pressure… this has caused all altcoins to follow suit at the moment, if BTC fails to recover by the next major support..then a massive lower low is expected. Shirley Bagshaw stated her bullish stand on the market regardless of the market volatility and I’ve been able to make over 22.4btc from her insights and accurate daily signals using 3.7btc…staying one step ahead is always rewarding at this time.

  17. Thank you Chris, for not shying away from exposing the Democratic party. Truthfully, both parties are infected with massive corruption, but I think the Democrats have reach the 110% level at this point, and they have nothing but bad and/or evil intentions for us little people. I don't know that the Republican party can be saved, but they aren't quite at that level yet.

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