The Delta Variant Spreads Among the Vaccinated. Here’s Why…

You’ve been hearing a lot about the Delta variant — how bad is it, and what does it mean for you? And why are Delta “outbreaks” happening in highly vaccinated places like Israel?
Watch here for answers, and follow us to to really go down the rabbit hole…

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  1. If pharmaceutical houses need another booster shot( cash) they will go to the double and triple Greek variants until every sorority and fraternity is recognized as a Covid-festering hotspot. ΑΧΩ and ΑΓΔ
    variants are not only highly contagious, but they also make their pledges suffer unbearable hardships to become an accepted member of the Greek sororities and fraternities. Jen Psaki, having Greek ancestry is well-versed in Greek variants. Her grandfather emigrated from Greece in 1904

  2. The Delta Variant is a by – product of the "vaccine" the shot turns the recipient into a giant petri dish where the human immune system is turned into a pathogen factory.

  3. Who cares. Enough about covid its all good. Government and media spread fear. Just live your life everyone will croak yet no one croak before their chosen time. Vaccinations are crap masks are crap just live and ignore the fear channel

  4. Sir you are confident of talking data and said at 9:52 that you rely on data. But what happened at the end while talking about India and the data that you showed? Did you not see any data or graph over there? You see it, highlight it but dont want to say anything. What a courage?

  5. The "INDIA TRENDLINE" is easy to explain for this old OBGYN Lab Rat (tech). First, every pandemic rages through unprotected populations (high mortality) taking out those with co-morbidity issues, whether its age, diet, genetics, smoking etc. which explains the spikes in death rates. During those periods there's a huge airborne viral load&high levels of asymptomatic infections/mild/zero where unvaxed develop natural antibodies, often/usually longer lasting&more effective&diverse in their defense capabilities. Also increased use of masks during that period of policy&social awareness evolution reduces viral intake, further decreasing mortality&strengthening natural antibody evolution. The result, especially in a low vaxed nation like India with dense populations&high co-morbity (poverty) factors is a rapid rise in semi-immune populations; the "Herd Immunity" golden grail. Moral of the story? Go to a hospital and kiss a dying senior in an intubator today…kidding…but you get the drift. The more practical 18th century tech any idiot can rely in is wear a mask anywhere near others, esp indoors thus reducing your viral intake&keep your primary immune system in high gear w vitamin C, Zinc, D, garlic, ginger etc….whatever you love&trust, and it's likely if you get infected (probably will) you'll get a lil fever, and in a few days you'll be fine with a whole new nature-made set of antibodies your body made just for you. God/Nature/Your Momma gave you all the tools to beat this one IF you're smart enough to use 18th century tech – a mask – and healthy enough to beat a bad flu. If you're missing a brain, can't wear a mask, don't want a vax or lack a healthy immune system move to a mountain top until this thing's gone in 3-10 years.

  6. Nope nope nope!! You do not have to use the terms every one is using if they are incorrect. Please be the one to tell us the truth as you know it. Your audience who actually care about learning the truth will respect you for the correct information ?

  7. So vaccinated people are worried about non-vaccinated people, when the non-vaccinated people are mostly blacks and Trumpsters? This country doesn’t get much crazier.

  8. The population of Seychelles is less than 100 thousand, so the U.S. (at over 300 million) has OVER 1000 times the number of people. If the Seychelles is reporting 165 "incidents" (since we don't want to call them cases), that would be close to 200 thousand in the U.S. (recall that we rounded down, with 300 million)…
    Oops, I think that my math was wrong here; I should have said 3000 times as many (or 600 thousand "incidents")…

  9. Every virus spreads. Colds and influenza spread like wildfire and we don’t freak out about the spread. We count the hospitalized and the dead. Ask yourself WHY is COVID sudden;y different on how we report it? Because its not as fatal as they need us to believe it is. Just like any virus it will kill and cause hospitalization, I’m not discounting that…..but influenza does that every single year despite a vaccine and no one blinks an eye…..kills the same demographic too.
    This is nothing more than a world government takeover. Just look at all the freedoms lost in a matter of a year….people willingly gave up in the name of safety. We are so screwed

  10. Its probable that a certain percentage of doctors are learning more medications to treat in the right doses and the Right time . Don't forget late treatment mist likely caused the deaths at the start of Covid and doctors have been following their oath to treat and not harm. The Bold and truly caring doctors are making the difference. Thanks to the DEDICATED DOCTORS ? ? ✨

  11. Another prominent scientist speaks against the covid vaccine ⋆ The Savage Nation ( those folks who can read and THINK rationally,with LOGIC>>>

  12. The Chinese vaccine only had an efficacy rate in the 70s. That is why there are more cases where the Delta variant is surging. Note that people in Wohan are getting a booster now.